Saturday 21st – Saturday 28th

It is officially Autumn! We are celebrating the seasoal changes with a lot of art. Here’s what is happening this week around the capital:

Featured galleries: JODAR Artistry, Hindiyeh Art Museum, Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Jacaranda Images, Orient Gallery, Nabad Gallery, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Zara Gallery, Dar Al Anda, MMAG Foundation and Darat Al Funun. If all of this is too much, you can always book an art tour with us to catch up with the latest events in town! More details below:


Strawberries are Poisonous by Tina Omran
Dar Al Anda
Sunday 22 September
7:00 pm

Ongoing through October 12th

Gently Sparkling
MMAG Foundation
Ongoing through 26 September

Letters by Muhammed Abu Aziz
JODAR Artistry
EXTENDED until September 24

Women Artists Together
Sami Hindiyeh Art Gallery
Ongoing through September 30th

Beyond Colour – Fadi Haddadin
Jacaranda Images
Ongoing through September 25th

She Sat – Kamal Au Halaweh
Zara Gallery
Ongoing through September 28th

Continuity – Will Iskandar
Orient Gallery
Ongoing through September 26

Places of the Heart
Nabad Art Gallery
Ongoing through September 25

My Favourite German Word
Goethe Institut & GJU Amman
Ongoing through September 23

Line Group Exhibition
Darat Al Funun
Ongoing through September 26th

Open Calls

Factory Jordan 2019/2020 cycle open calls

Jordan Art Residency and Studio (JARS) 2020
Application EXTENDED until November 5, 2019

Curators Open Call 2020
Application EXTENDED until November 15, 2019

Emerging Art Projects Program 2020/2021
Application open until October 23, 2019

The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts