Saturday 29th – Saturday 5th

New exhibitions and events are ongoing this week in the capital, don’t forget to book  an appointment with the gallerist before your visits and to keep your mask on!

Featured galleries and institutes this week: Jodar Artistry, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Manara Arts & Culture and Foresight32 Art Gallery. 

Header artwork by Shereen Quttaineh


Frame of Reference
Manara Arts & Culture
Monday August 10th
Ongoing through September 10th

Pop-Up Exhibition
Jodar Artistry
Ongoing throughout September

I Dream of Jerusalem solo exhibition by Dalia Ali
Virtual Exhibition
Ongoing through September 23

Foresight32 Art Gallery
Tuesday August 11th
Ongoing through August 31st

Contemporary African Art
The Jordan National Gallery for Fine Arts
Ongoing through 2021

Art Workshops

Various Art Classes
Jodar Artistry
Registrations open year-round

Art Tours

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Jabal Amman
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Airbnb art tour with artmejo
Jabal Amman
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