BARCELONA – Well known for its artistic heritage and birthing many intellectuals from the likes of its godfather Gaudi to artists like Joan Miro, Barcelona is also known for its numerous trendy spots and art scenery. I’m Stephany Sanossian and I will be taking you to my favourite spots and exploring the vibrant city. Come a long:

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya:

Views from the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya 

The National Art Museum of Catalunya is one of the biggest museums located in Spain. It opened its doors in 1934 and is a home to a various collection of valuable art pieces. The museum’s permanent collection includes major work from Catalan modernists like as Antoni Gaudi and Ramon Casas. Great European Renaissance and Baroque works are also part of the collection including Tiziano and Rubens as well as other masterpieces from the Spanish Golden Age.

Picasso Museum:

Views from the Picasso Museum

Did you know that Picasso was only 15 when he finished this masterpiece? Mind-blowing. Science and Charity is considered one of the most representative artworks of the legend Pablo Picasso‘s early works. The Picasso Museum opened its doors in 1963, it represents the early stages that shaped Picasso‘s artistic character and the deep relationship he had with Barcelona. 

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art:

Views from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art 

While the majority of people who are interested in art and culture associate Barcelona with Modern artists such as Pablo Picasso or Joan Miro, The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art -or MACBA, as the Catalans call it- exhibits contemporary art. The museum opened in 1995, and is home to international artists year-round. Just last year, the MACBA hosted Lebanese filmmaker Akram Zaatari‘s exhibition Against Photography. An annotated history of the Arab image Foundation in its halls.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh:

Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

As an art lover, discovering the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh was a multi-sensory experience for me. I finally had the chance to visit Van Gogh‘s museum in Barcelona this year. The interactive exhibition is the first official showcase created by experts from the museum in Amsterdam. However the only downside of it is its pop up nature, and how it closes it doors by mid-July 2019. So if you’re in Barcelona, hurry up! 

Gallery 3 Punts:

From the Samuel Salcedo exhibition Role Models, photo by 3puntsgaleria 

3punts is a gallery you don’t want to miss if you’re touring Barcelona. It exhibits for many emerging and established artists, focusing on new experimental languages like the famous artists Mr. Brainwash and Shepard Fairey (OBEY). The gallery also has the tendency to show more classical works too, like work by the famous Barcelona-based artist Samuel Salcedo

The Design Museum of Barcelona:

Views from the Design Museum of Barcelona

The Design Museum of Barcelona is the main hub for every researcher, design student and art lover. The museum has an excellent public program of exhibitions and events. It is helping Barcelona become the European design capital. The main aim of this institution is to gather and promote the main four branches of design disciplines: Space, Product, Information and Fashion. 

Montana Gallery:

From Sabek exhibition Origin, photo by @montanagallerybarcelona 

Montana Gallery is located in the middle of the city next to the Arc De Triomphe. The gallery showcases young local talents that represents the contemporary vibe of the Barcelona. It is linked with a graffiti shop that has a reputation in exchanging knowledge in graffiti and street art.

Gallery Senda:

Gino Rubert, The Place To Be or Not To Be, Galleria Senda, May 2019 by Roberto Ruiz.

Gallery Senda open its doors in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant center. It has quickly emerged as one of the city’s most important art galleries. It is committed to contemporary art and it is known for the long history of promoting Spanish and international artists. 

Stephany Sanossian

About the guest writer Stephany Sanossian:

Stephany Sanossian is an Armenian-Syrian artist. She has a Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation from Elisava in Barcelona, Spain. She is a freelance Graphic Designer with experience in mixed media. She enjoys creating digital collages with a bit of a sarcastic message and believes that life is tasteless without a little bit of irony. Her artworks have been featured on several media platforms.

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