Written by: Kholoud AbuHijleh

Since I was a kid, art was my safe fort, I have always hidden behind my drawings. It was and still is my go-to way to express myself and what I feel. I knew I had a special talent from an early age. My classmates always asked me to draw them or draw caricatures for our teachers.

My passion for the arts grew throughout the years; during university I realized I wanted to be an artist , so I started painting and participating in group exhibitions held on campus or other universities. Although my Academic background is in languages, I always wanted to study fine arts, therefore I attended private art classes to improve and develop my artistic skills.  Then, I started experimenting with different art mediums and different materials to come up with different colour combinations and textures to deliver my ideas and thoughts. But to be frank, my heart seams to favour acrylic colors. They are flexible, give me any texture I need, dry fast, make a great combination with soft pastels and I am not allergic to them like I am to oil colors!

Portraiture is what defines me as an artist. My favorite subject is feminism, I find that portraiture and feminism go hand-in-hand. Because I believe in the powerful expressiveness in the human face. I can tell many stories with my portraits and relate them to any subject in the matter of women rights through my figures’ facial expressions and especially their eyes. In my first exhibition ” The Memory of the Eyes” in 2011, I focused on the relationship between what we see, live and observe and what is stored in our memories. I worked on translating my daily observations, memory stock and even people’s faces, into portrait paintings.

To keep my inspiration alive, I try to keep up with the movement of the globe, I read novels, listen to stories, recall memories that might help my art, listen to music,  watch the news, watch movies, travel, take photos and most importantly stay close to nature and the beauty of the sea. People change, the society changes and different arts also change. I don’t like the idea of getting older, but gaining more experiences in life is what makes you wiser. As I gain a new experience it affects my Art in a direct or indirect way, because I am a part of the change in my society, my country and the world. Inspiration also comes from people or things. My favorite artist whom I am truly inspired by is Italian Artist Amedeo Modigliani.

Life has different sides, life is full of contrasts. Just like a painting that is full of contrasts but has amazing harmony. What I am concerned about is to let people enjoy aesthetics in life putting all worries aside, forgetting about harsh wars, because there will always be beauty in the most ugly thing.

Let’s live art.

Acrylic on Canvas • 90x70cm • 200JOD
Acrylic on Canvas • 30x20cm • 100JOD

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