Jumana Al Shafeey

Jumana Al-Shafeey

I’m Jumana Al-Shafeey a visual artist specialized in painting, graduated form University of Jordan , born and raised in Jordan in 1998.

جمانة الشافعي

جمانة الشافعي فنانة وطالبة  فنون بصرية في الجامعة الأردنية ولدت عام ١٩٩٨.ا


Metamorphosis is Modern Life • Faculty of Arts and Design the University of Jordan • Amman, Jordan, 2019

Sayed Abla

Sayed Abla

Born in El Mahmoudeya, El Beheira in 1990, Sayed is a talented artist and an activist, he has an unmistakable style of his own that he reached from his many years of experience despite his young age.

Since 2007 he has worked and learned in Fayoum Art Centre, founded by artist Mohamed Abla, where he has been surrounded by artists of different disciplines from all around the world, and has exchanged experiences and learned different techniques for over 10 years.

He developed his technique of printing and wood cutting, which he has used in his exhibitions targeting “the street” and the mix of cultures in it, reflecting his opinion, and trying to reach all social classes displaying and portraying reality.

Influenced and inspired by society in general, Sayed tackles youth’s disappointment, how people no longer have the will to work and the widespread fear and depression amongst people.

سيد عبلة

ولد في المحمودية، البحيرة عام 1990، وهو فنان موهوب وناشط سياسي، رغم صغر سنه إلا أن له أسلوبه الخاص الذي يميزه والذي توصل إليه بعد سنوات عديدة من الخبرة

عمل وتعلم منذ عام 2007 في مركز الفيوم للفنون الذي أسسه الفنان محمد عبلة، حيث كان محاطًا بفنانين من مختلف التخصصات من جميع أنحاء العالم، وتبادل الخبرات وتعلم تقنيات مختلفة لمدة تزيد عن 10 سنوات

اهتم سيد بتطوير أسلوبه في الطباعة وتقطيع الخشب، والذي استخدمه في معارضه التي تستهدف “الشارع” ومزيج الثقافات فيه، حيث يعكس رأيه عارضًا ومصورًا الواقع في محاولة الوصول إلى جميع الطبقات الاجتماعية

يستلهم الفنان ويتأثر بالمجتمع بشكل عام، حيث يتناول خيبة أمل الشباب، وسيادة عدم الرغبة في العمل وانتشار الخوف والاكتئاب على نطاق واسع بين الناس


Know Thyself • Soma Art • Egypt, 2018
Matigi • Darb 1718 • Egypt, 2016
Al Shaab Yourid • Atelier du Caire • Egypt, 2011

Yazan Setabouha

Yazan Setabouha

Jordanian artist and architect, Yazan Setabouha, works through lines, art installation, video, and performance. His minimalist approach to visual and performance art engages with the anthropology of language and emotion, excavating intimate processes of the mind, body, and soul. Collaborative works reclaim contexts and embodied histories obscured but evident in everyday rituals of life. Yazan’s phenomenologically informed practice attempts to interact and dwell with marginalized others, neglected ruins, and the emotionally uninhabited, consciously undergoing a process of repeated unlearning and resurrecting, in an attempt to capturing the intersections of the spirit and science.

Yazan participated in two solo and several group exhibitions in Amman, Berlin, and Prague.



7 Artists • Zara Gallery, 2017
Relaunch • Bulbul, 2017
Entities • Bluefig, 2017
Metascape • JNGFA, 2017
Paper It • The Corner Space, 2019
Incantation of the Real • Kurzor Gallery, 2019
Lindt Runway • Jordan Fashion Week, 2019
Amma Fi Amman • Public, 2019
Caution! Slippery Grounds • ZK/U, 2019
Away from a State of Things • Darat Al Funun, 2019
Entrelacs • Paris, 2021