Dalia Ali

I am a Jordanian Palestinian artist, born in Kuwait. I graduated from MIT in the USA with a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design and a Masters in Architecture. My passion for art started at an early stage and my years in Boston exposed me to the guidance and work of many international artists. Regionally, I have participated in group and solo exhibitions in Amman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Although my subjects may vary between figures and built form, the sense of expression is constant. My medium of choice is acrylic which I enjoy experimenting with, on different surfaces such as newspapers, patterned paper, sand, etc to produce very interesting effects. Through layering I allow the underlying colors and textures to come through in some places to enrich the painting. I am continuously striving to minimize detail and ‘abstractize’ the world around me whilst maintaining meaning and content in its most attractive form.


Duo Exhibition • Zara Gallery • Amman, 2016

World Art Dubai • Dubai World Trade Center • Dubai, 2016

Moments • El Freiha Gallery • Bahrain, 2010

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