Dima Mosleh

Mosleh is an artist and designer from Jordan. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts and interior design from the University of Jordan. In her work, Dima aims to bridge and regain connections with people, nature and the essentials she feels are ignored in the hopes to find the identity that is somehow lost. She focuses on finding a better method of living and questioning every rule she is handed by the precedence to get out of the flock.

She participated in Amman Design Week’s 2019 edition with PLASTOMA, a project that won her Best Design for that year. Mosleh has previously worked as an art director and is currently an interior designer.

Previous Exhibitions:

بوح حنين جسد حميم • Aman Space • Amman, Jordan • 2020
• Amman Design Week • Amman, Jordan • 2019