Farnaz Battikhi

Farnaz Battikhi is a Jordanian/Iranian painter and miniature artist. She was born in Tehran, Iran with Jordanian roots. Her Persian background influences her drawing style and techniques where she mainly works on the art of miniature and ornaments using watercolors. Other than miniature art, Battikhi also works on Turkish tezhip art, and ebru painting – a form of art that utilizes water, dye, and an awl. Her work pays tribute to Persian miniature masters such as Mir Sayyid Ali, where the works are small but incorporate an exquisite and complex level of detail.

She has participated in many exhibitions in Jordan and other countries such as Canada, Morocco, India and Iraq.


Encounter • Safar Khan • Cairo, Egypt 2020
Hashemite Festival for Ornaments and Calligraphy • Ras Al Ain • Amman, Jordan 2019
Al-Maareef International Festival for Ornaments and Calligraphy • Casablanca, Morocco 2018
India International Festival for Ornaments and Calligraphy • Jaipur, India 2018
Al Rawad International festival for Ornaments and Calligraphy • Baghdad, Iraq 2017
Art Party Exhibition • Deep Cove • Vancouver, Canada 2016