Hamzeh Jaber

Hamzeh Jaber is a figurative painter who works with a variety of media. His figurative works are derived from his interest in daily life. He is also the coordinator of the Psychosocial Support Through Art program at Jordanian NGO Ruwwad Al Tanmeya. 

On his practice, Hamzeh says “Painting is the most perfect thing I can do. I always have this incomprehensible strange feeling that drives me to grab my brushes and paint. For me, it is instinctive to paint, exactly like it is the human instinct to breathe and eat. Painting helps me define my curiosity as I am interested in the visual scenery.”


7 x 7 • Cairo Amman Bank • Amman, Jordan, 2020
Various Artists • Jodar Art Gallery • Amman, Jordan, 2018