Islam Allam

Islam Allam is a self-taught digital artist who lives and creates in Cairo, Egypt. Allam was attracted to the graphics field from an early age and utilized softwares to experiment, create and explore the digital world. Allam’s work is inspired by music and improvisation. By selecting random music, Allam is able to intently listen to the beat, rhythm, and structure of the music and translate that essence into a characterized digital portrait.


QUARANTINE Exhibition • Athens, Greece, 2020
Solo Video installation, South Dakota, USA, 2020
We Can See •
Virtual Exhibition, 2020
#StayHomeWithAllamThe Circa Project •
Virtual Exhibition, 2020
Not the Fucking Help
• Blank Space, 2019
VeniceLands ArtPrizeOne • Anonima Sognatori, 2019
The 4th PASA Festival • Bitglim, 2019
Erotica • Blank Space, 2019
Open Art • Curat10n, 2019
Artists of the World • Boitglim, 2019
Art in Quarantine • Wreading-Digits, 2020

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