Lubna Juqqa

A cultural activist who has been managing and producing art and cultural events, festivals and projects since 2009, Juqqa comes from an artistic and literary background. She started inking in 2005 after experimenting with different mediums such as oil, acrylic and watercolors, in addition to collage art and illustrations. Her unique style borders on the surreal, as if one is subconsciously translating one’s stream of thoughts on to paper. At times whimsical and mischievous, at others dark and mysterious; Juqqa’s drawings leave the viewers intrigued, each with their own interpretation of her chaotically organized lines.

She says: “I have been feeding on art in all forms since I could firstly form a memory. I am a fish constantly collecting visual inspirations for my next lives. What I draw is merely visual flashes of what I’ve collected from my current and previous lives. Nothing is impossible, a human brain can visualize a lot more than we can possibly comprehend, and this is why I believe in art.”