Mays Dweiri

Mays Dweiri is an artist based in Budapest, Hungary. She holds a BSc in Architecture and is currently pursuing her MA in Animation at Moholy-Nagy Universe for Art and Design, Budapest. Through her art, Mays investigated the gentle connection between the idea of being in its stillness, fragility, and permanence. Working with simple materials, mainly with ink and fine hatch lines, she attempts to draw attention to body and posture to intrigue a personal conversation between the viewer and the artwork.


Hatched Sketchbook Exhibition • Dezain Space • Amman, 2019

Sketchbook Exhibition • Jobedu • Amman, 2018

Fine Arts Exhibition • Princess Sumaya University for Technology • Amman, 2017

Annual Art Exhibition •  Jordan University of Science and Technology • Amman, 2013-2016

Fine Arts Exhibition • Philadelphia University • Amman, 2015

Architectural Community Annual Art Exhibition • ZARA Center • Amman, 2015