Mohammad Abd Elhadi

Mohammad Abd Elhadi is a Jordanian/Palestinian painter, graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist.

Abd Alhadi was born in Kuwait to Palestinian and Syrian parents.
El-Hadi graduated from Yarmouk University in Irbid, with a B.A. degree in Graphic Design, and went on to work as a designer for various publications. He has participated in several group exhibitions and had three solo exhibitions “Waves Against Boredom” at the Omani French Centre in January of 2014 Muscat-Oman, and “Two, One, Zero” at Zara Gallery in August of 2015 Amman-Jordan, and “The Square Invasion” at Nofa Creative Space in October of 2019 Amman-Jordan. He is also author and illustrator of the book and community blog “Papers on a Laundry Line”, which was published in Jordan in 2002.


Waves Against Boredom • Omani French Centre 2014

Two, One, Zero • Zara Gallery, 2015

Mahel • Aristotle Cafe, 2017

The Square Invasion • Nofa Creative Space, 2019