Raneem Al-Jaloudi

Raneem is a Jordanian artist who graduated from The University of Jordan’s faculty of arts and design with a printmaking major. 

In her artistic practice, Raneem uses ‘damaged prints’ and transforms them into artworks using collaging techniques. Her work depicts expressive faces of different characters each showcasing different emotions. In her work, Al-Jaloudi aims to visually personify memory and feelings and wonders if in the process, our lineaments will remain as congruous as they always have been?

Raneem’s figures have distorted and layered facial features. For the artist, this acts as a symbolic feature for the many ‘selves’ one person could occupy in one body through different emotional states.


Cairo International Exhibition • Cairo, Egypt, 2021
7*7 • Cairo Amman Bank Gallery • Amman, Jordan, 2021
In The Margin • The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts • Amman, Jordan, 2018
30th Anniversary Exhibition • Darat Al Funun • Amman, Jordan, 2018