Reem Odeh

With a Bachelor degree in Visual arts, Painting and Drawing from the University of Jordan, artist Reem Odeh has been working in the art field of paint and ceramics for years. She is the co-founder of Kawn Art for Handmade Ceramics. Odeh finds that art is a mode of expressing one’s feelings, emotions and mental states  rather than replicating reality or nature. Her work is an expression of emotional influences, subjective feelings and spirituality. She steers away from detailing facial features in a bid to allow recipients to personally explore what the fabric hides in terms of unknown inner sentiments.


Exhibition of Young Artists • Jacaranda Images Gallery • Amman, 2017
Dion International Art Symposium • Philadelphia University • Amman, 2017
CAB International Art Symposium • Cairo Amman Bank Gallery • Amman, 2017
Back to Humanity • Nofa Creative Space • Amman, 2017
7×7 Young Artists • Cairo Amman Bank Gallery • Amman, 2014
Cypress Memory • University of Jordan • Amman, 2014
Young Artists • Art Matters • Amman, 2010
Sunny Art Fair • Zara Centre • Amman, 2010
JU Graduates • Orient Gallery • Amman, 2009