Shereen Ouran

Jordanian, born in 1975, Al Ouran obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at The University of Jordan. Spending the past 15 years as a Diplomat’s wife, she lived in various countries such as Morocco, Kuwait, Germany and Jordan and has accumulated each country’s culture. She followed her life-long passion for art after studying Fine Arts in Morocco from 2003-2004. From then on she continued working on her art and joined different work shops and exhibitions. Al Ouran’s work mainly focuses on expressionism – she portrays her thoughts, feelings and ideas through the figures and colours in her work, putting in question stereotypes and conventions that surround us. The places she has lived in are clearly reflected in her work, while at the same time incorporating details from her origins through using the Arabic calligraphy and Jordanian Architecture.


Identity Dialogue • Ghadeer Gallery • Kuwait, 2009

Small Painting from Big Heart • Ghadeer Gallery • Kuwait, 2009

Identity and the Place • DAFAG Gallery • Berlin, 2015

Immigrant Art • Rearte Gallery • Vienna, 2015