Yasmin Dasouki

Mixed media artist Yasmin Dasouki incorporates collage with various media such as fabric and reliefs. Her work is multi- layered with elements that materialize gradually the more you take time to burrow into it. Her weeks of planning and implementations are full of color exploration and experimentations. Yasmin studied General Design at the University of Jordan, mostly focusing on her painting techniques by taking art courses on the side. Her full time job has been as an art educator for the past seven years. Her passion for art, exposure and experience with teaching inspired her to experiment with different mediums to finally compose a mixed media artwork that tells a story through the coarse texture of her pieces. The artist’s work is not titled, her art is meant to amuse and baffle her audience with the different elements and principles in her artwork. She has always enjoyed National Geographic magazines and documentaries which inspired her to implement pictures from them into her artwork. She always adds her final strokes with relief paint and finally creates the texture and artwork she enjoys doing. She plans to experiment with more mediums and create different styles of artwork in the upcoming future.

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