Yasmin Dasouki

Yasmin Dasouki is a mixed media artist that combines collage with other media forms such as fabric, beads and relief paint. Her multi- layered work materializes the deeper you burrow into it and the more senses you use while admiring it. Her process involves endless hours of color exploration and experimentation, researching materials and combining them all together to create an amalgamation of creativity and beauty.

Yasmin studied General Design at the University of Jordan, mostly focusing on her painting techniques by taking art courses on the side. She has been teaching art for the past seven years in one of Jordan’s most well renowned schools. And through her years of teaching, she has been able to both guide the students on their artistic path and eventually finding hers.

Yasmin loves telling a story through her art pieces, and given the fact that they are not all titled, she would love for the audience to create his/her own story when admiring her pieces. Furthermore, through the use of National Geographic magazines and other magazines of the sorts, she is able to transform the audiences into the world she creates.

She always adds her final strokes with relief paint to cement the texture of her artwork and give it a more grounding feel, and she plans to further her artistic amalgamations with more mediums, photography and techniques in the future.