Yazan Setabouha

Jordanian artist and architect, Yazan Setabouha, works through lines, art installation, video, and performance. His minimalist approach to visual and performance art engages with the anthropology of language and emotion, excavating intimate processes of the mind, body, and soul. Collaborative works reclaim contexts and embodied histories obscured but evident in everyday rituals of life. Yazan’s phenomenologically informed practice attempts to interact and dwell with marginalized others, neglected ruins, and the emotionally uninhabited, consciously undergoing a process of repeated unlearning and resurrecting, in an attempt to capturing the intersections of the spirit and science.

Yazan participated in two solo and several group exhibitions in Amman, Berlin, and Prague.



7 Artists • Zara Gallery, 2017
Relaunch • Bulbul, 2017
Entities • Bluefig, 2017
Metascape • JNGFA, 2017
Paper It • The Corner Space, 2019
Incantation of the Real • Kurzor Gallery, 2019
Lindt Runway • Jordan Fashion Week, 2019
Amma Fi Amman • Public, 2019
Caution! Slippery Grounds • ZK/U, 2019
Away from a State of Things • Darat Al Funun, 2019
Entrelacs • Paris, 2021