Zaina El Said

Zaina El-Said was born in 1978 in Amman- Jordan, of Circassian origin from the North Caucasus. Her family background is a blend of politicians, military personnel as well as artists and designers. Zaina is the granddaughter of Iraq’s monarchy premier Nuri Pasha El-Said, and Jordanian army General Fawaz Pasha Maher Bermamet from her mother’s side. Both her uncles, the late Issam El-Said and Ali Maher Bermamet were renowned artists in the Levant region.

Zaina completed her B.A degree in Business Administration in 2001 from the American Intercontinental University in London. Between travels and missions between Europe, America and Russia, it wasn’t until year 2010 that Zaina settled back in Amman and took up art as her professional path. The creative part of the family dominated her choice in career, and it seemed destined she would eventually follow that part of the household footprints.


Egypt INT’L Art Fair • Cairo, Egypt • 2021