Written by Adnan Samman 

I’m a 24 years old artist from Syria, currently living and working between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I’ve been publicly involved in the creative scene for the past 6 years, trying to transform my hobby into a full time job. It’s never easy, but the journey has been rewarding so far. 

My practice mainly revolves around experimentation and improvisation. I learned to trust my final product, and in fact, most of my pieces are results of one on one dialogue between me and my medium of choice. I do usually have an idea or concept at the back of my mind upon starting, but the outcome almost always comes as a surprise for me before it surprises my viewers, and I love that.  

Contrast is a recurrent theme in my work. I love when two or more, completely different subjects come together to form one bigger image. And there’s a lot of that here in the Middle East, where most of my inspiration comes from. In Syria for example, you can turn on the local channels on TV and watch cartoons or romance movies with bombs echoing outside. So much of that is in my work. 

One of the most amazing things that happened to me as an artist was having my work sell in auction at Central Saint Martins in London in 2016. Some of my favorite influences have exhibited or studied there including: Eduardo Paolozzi, PJ Harvey, Alexander McQueen, and Faris Badwan to name a few. It was my first exhibition experience and it was crazy. Now some of my pieces are planned to head to independent galleries in Brussels and New Mexico later on this year. It’s quite strange to think that my work gets to travel to all those amazing places and I can’t, due to passport restrictions, but I also find that in a way, quite liberating. 

Jerusalem - 2017
Angel of the Camp - 2017

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