“And what is art other than an attempt to collect the remnants of what has scattered in the soul and body.. I will catch my breath and my parts and scatter them all on the surface of the canvas…”

-Hilda Hiary

Hilda Hiary is a Jordanian artist who has had multiple solo exhibitions as well as group ones all around the world, including shows in Amman, Dubai, and Paris among others.
Hilda’s latest solo exhibition in Orient Gallery opened on the evening of 4th of September.

The visitors marveled at her exquisite works and carefully examined each painting. Walking around the exhibition, you can hear all kinds of interpretations on what each painting might mean. Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker; a professor of Art History, an artist and writer, commented on the depth of Hiary’s exhibited collection, she said: “There’s a profound, challenging message in her work that is disturbing. Which should be, because we need to be disturbed. We’re living through very difficult times and it’s the role of the artist to be the prophetic voice”.

Hilda Hiary, Acrylic on canvas, 2018

Hiary’s works are given depth by the beautiful, various patterns embedded in each painting. Her work overcomes the challenge of creating overwhelming paintings that are aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Her collection includes figurative, acrylic on canvas paintings that depicted women, birds and animals. Her work also included certain calligraphy embedded in the paintings, usually found on the figure of a woman. It is the spectator’s job to interpret what the painting means but the dark feeling the paintings radiate, cannot be dismissed. Going through Hilda’s collection, one cannot help but go through a wave of confusion and amazement that are mixed with mysterious sadness; as if the paintings are telling mysterious sad stories that we cannot put to words, but can definitely feel.

Piece by Piece opening reception at Orient Gallery, 2018

Apart from the wave of contradictory feelings Piece by Piece radiates, the technique Hilda used is astonishing. The patterns embedded in the paintings are as beautiful as they are complex. Even the repetition seen in the collection is far from boring.

Hilda’s concern with the technique is very obvious this time

-Abdelrahman Shamoun, Artist


It is work that you have to look at in many levels.

-Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker

Piece by Piece opening reception at Orient Gallery, 2018

If you find yourself near the Orient Gallery, don’t forget to pay Piece by Piece a visit. Hilda Hiary‘s art pieces will definitely leave you dumbstruck by their complexities.

All images courtesy of Orient Gallery Amman.