Proud of Himself. Being an insect.
With Him dialogue doesn’t intersect.
Rightfully so: The pride of Lucifera!
Snuffed out the light of the candelabra.

Gordlou méchant Gordlou. Ask the mirror!
Monster skin shines; you’re not an Emperor
Go take a shower; of water you’re afraid.
Smelly peacock: Ten thousand times than a maid.

Dingy: ding, dong: It’s all what it does.
Beauty-ful! Proud of the harm it doss.
Little, punishing Apuleius Golden Ass.
Descent are you? Not of upper class.

“Importent insect”: Aaliya was right!
Unnecessary sprite: Misplaced pride.
With you: it was tight. Insupportable fright.
You’re still young: Go play with a kite.

Eating, gulping: Greedy doughboy
Active in reverse: Dirty cow-boy!
Unbreathable, marble, strain in time
Cruel man-u-are! Armenian Crime.

Forget-me-nots so sad. Doing them injustice!
Pitiable! Saying, “Good night!” Hug and kiss.
Monstrous monstrosity. Dangerous pomposity.
Horrendous claws need clipping: Foul humanity!

Musing and scheming: Pure souls sleeping.
Daylight looming: Appearing amusing.
Lifeless and colorless for colorful a flag
Canadian leaf: Ten times better I should brag!

Venom so poisonous: A thirst for destruction
Dance little puppet: Gain, loss and frustration
Really? Proclaiming himself Master’s master!
Dance little snake: I’m now the Charmer.

No more bindings: the here and the now.
Look at me now: Probably wondering how?
Don’t ask questions: so lethargic a mind!
Torrent of abuse: No one shall you bind.

So shiny black Naja: I’ve never ever seen!
So small, so young: it creeps in my dream
Collars of manipulation. Yet not so keen.
Giant for me then. Little now: no beam.

Waiting for you: Beech Rapunzel I felt.
Knock, knock: A strong stench I smelt.
Strangers not to trust. Let alone a pig molest
Attracted to the treasure: Beating in my chest.

The Dragon flame trying to steal: a wonder!
Giving honey whilst with an axe: profounder!
Empath told: What an Empath should not.
I’ve heard the digging: I said I should not.

Comedy: Action! But soon cut: Remedy!
Son of a bitch in shoes of a bear: Teddy?
When I think of it, it makes me so sad.
That I enlaced, embraced and mourned so bad.

Loose formations. Now deprived of power.
Murderous flower: The Poem of an hour.
Atrocious scene: Please put on your robe!
Horrendous kind: Pollution for the Globe.

Stupid cupid, toxic Arrow: Case I weigh much!
Not serving your loyalties: Of a moment catch!
Pay it now or never: No other time shall serve
Into dolor? Crispy Cheap word: Wondrous verve.

Wish you welcome to “Pretty How Town”
Era of Peaches: with Pride and Renown.
How are you: Plump imp and Brown.
A king without crown: Ridiculous Clown!

Life is pimp: Love its pitch.
A rape of wonder, left without stitch
Sewing isn’t your thing: subtle, thin like a thread
My instinct was right: I should’ve known in bed.

“Demon! Consider it a selfie of me

having dominion over thee.”


I dedicate this piece of art to my brother, Mehdi, without whom the moment it represents could not be contained. I wish it had taught you one of the most basic lessons though: never trust a cup of tea. No matter how warm it is and no matter how sweet it tastes, no matter how gentle the gesture and no matter how attractive the promise, a cup of tea forgets. It does not represent hospitality; it is just an intermediary. One has to see through it to grasp the intention. What lies behind is most often ugly, and one needs courage to confront it.

About our Guest Writer Mohamed Salah Eddine Madiou:

Mohamed Salah Eddine Madiou is a Ph.D. candidate in English Literature and Criticism at the University of Jordan, in receipt of a government-sponsored scholarship. He has been nominated for the NBH International Youth Creativity Award in 2018, has interned at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2017 and has taken part in a high-profile debate (organized by the British Council) on refugee displacement at the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London. He has published two essays: “Mohsin Hamid Engages the World: “An Island on an Island”, Worlds in Miniature and ‘Fiction’ in the Making,” (Arab Studies Quarterly) and “‘Argier’ through Renaissance Drama: Studying Etymology, Investigating History and Reshuffling Geography” (Arab World Geographer).

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