October is almost here, and in the art world that only means one thing: INKTOBER

This Inktober, win with artmejo a chance to be featured as ARTIST OF THE MONTH!

Since 2016 artmejo has been utilizing the hashtag #inktoberjo to promote Jordanian artists participating in the global challenge.

This year, we want to start a contest!

Inktober backstory:

Jake Parker; an illustrator, writer and teacher based in Utah, decided to challenge himself in October 2009 to improve his inking skills by creating and posting daily ink drawings throughout the month. Somehow however, the challenge caught on and artists all over the world joined him.

How to Inktober with artmejo?

Inktober, has three simple rules:

  1. Create one ink drawing a day throughout the month of October
  2. Post progress daily on social media and use the tags @artmejo and #inktoberjo18
  3. Repeat for 31 days

What do I win?

  1. You become artmejo’s Artist of the Month!
  2. A full feature on artmejournal about your artwork.
  3. 20% discount at Samir and Ghassan on selected items.
  4. 15% discount at artmejo gallery

Inktober 2018 Official prompt list:

Inktober official 2018 prompt list

Tips and Tricks:

Though Inktober shares a list of prompts you can use for the 31 drawings, they are only just a list of words that you can draw inspiration from. Choosing a theme that would really help in keeping you inspired throughout the challenge. For example you can decide on using cats as a theme and draw poisonous cats for the first day, and tranquil ones for the second and so on! Or you can have more fun with this and create a certain character responding to the prompt throughout the month. Or you can stick to inanimate things if you prefer. 

Possibilities are infinite so, let’s go and it’s time to get creative!

To qualify you need to follow artmejo on instagram and facebook and keep all images on your feed in one place either on instagram highlights, posts, or facebook image album.

Any missing tags and images will automatically disqualify participants.