“A colorful, informative experience.” – Alia Al-Khonji, 32, Architect.

“The exhibition was a new experience that I enjoyed. I have seen quilts before, but not artistic ones.” – Alex Wheeler, 33, Salesman.

Kholod Hawash, Untitled

“Jodaleia” is the Arabic term used for traditional handmade Iraqi quilts. These quilts are used as covers for furniture. They are usually made from recycled pieces of fabric that are sewn together by hand. In her work, Kholod Hawash uses the traditional sewing techniques that are commonly used in making the Iraqi “Jodaleia” to create beautiful, colorful pieces of art. Her new collection is currently exhibited in Dar Al-Anda

The quilts Kholod Hawash creates, hold great cultural meaning. They represent a warm memory from the childhood of the Iraqi Artist. As the 72-year-old sculptor, Walid Al-Badri puts it, “We have seen paintings of all kind, but this is different. The technique used is very eccentric and was given a tremendous amount of effort and thought into it.”

The colorful and unique pieces are all handmade. Hawash’s artistic process in creating these quilts starts with a sketch on paper. She then begins sewing the colorful and occasionally patterned backgrounds to completion. Afterwards, she cuts out her enchanting figures and fixes them in place.

Her inspiration is drawn from Iraqi folklore and nature. Many animals are depicted in her works, she commented saying that it was probably because she grew up surrounded by nature that she unconsciously chooses to include them in her works.

Combining traditional handcrafts with folklore-inspired art creates a rich and meaningful artistic experience. The vibrant exhibition is an experience that is unique in its own way, you can catch it at Dar Al Anda until the 28th of July.

Images taken by the artmejournal team.