Jordan’s newest house of contemporary art, Jodar Artistry, is both a gallery and an art space created to bridge the gap between artists from all walks of life.  Not only does it hold year long art courses, but the space also includes a gallery made to showcase local and regional works. On Saturday, October 13th, Jodar hosted the artwork of 30 distinct emerging artists. This brought together a diverse range of works all from up and coming talents in the region. The space is serving the artistic demographic by promoting young creatives and giving them a platform that introduces the fresh work into the community.

The founder of Jodar, Raida Shahin, shared with us her inspiration behind creating the exhibition.

We have so much emerging talent in this country. I saw it first hand while working beside these artists at the Jordanian University. I realized then, how much talent there is but how there isn’t a platform to give exposure to their work. At Jodar we want to promote these emerging artists and carry the art scene and serve the community. I hope by the end of the event people will open their eyes to the hidden talent we have in this region. And hopefully it’ll provoke more support for the emerging community.
From the Jodar opening reception

A broad variety of work was exhibited along the inside and out of Jodar. Thirty different visual artists were each given the platform to showcase their individual styles. All getting the chance to display works of any medium and covey any concept dear to their hearts. One of the presenting artists, Ahmad Estatieh (aka Mig the Robot), gave us some insight on the event and his work.

It’s a highly innovative space that allowed artists to express what they truly want and that’s exactly what young and emerging artists need. I presented eight outdoor graffiti murals with different concepts. In this exhibition I wanted to project the light on the graffiti culture itself to show that graffiti/ street art or public art in general is as important as other mediums.

Dina Malkwai, another artist, shared with us her views.

I enjoyed the collaboration between thirty artists by showing all our artwork in a single place. I liked all the different mediums and styles that were showcased. Their mission is very clear to support those who hold the key to a future of creativity. Giving us and reinforcing the chance to be recognized in the art world.

Illustrator/ designer , Fatima Khayyat, also weighed in.

They provided opportunities for emerging artists that we wouldn’t have had without them.

A supportive culture is vital to the thriving creative society. Emerging artists play a crucial role in enriching the lives of the local public. The freedom to pursue creative work within a community of peers is the best catalyst for artistic growth.

Showing up to their events/ exhibitions to show support is very important. Not only that, but listening to the artist and buying their work of coarse. It’s always nice to buy an original piece of art and knowing the artist that created it. It’s also an investment both in the  art and in the artist as well.

Weighed in Shahin, on the essential support these artists need. As she, herself, is growing a base where art enthusiasts can invest in the works, careers, and potential of local artists. The space was not only created to showcase works, but to offer classes tailored to technical and creative needs as well. Lessons are given by established artists that add to the open and encouraging atmosphere by unleashing the inner creatives in every class. In the near future, hosted talks and screenings will be added to the space’s agenda. “It’s like a beehive, there’s something going on in every corner!” Said the founder.

From the Jodar opening reception

Jodar’s doors are always open to those searching for a platform to expand artistic expression and develop them to their fullest. Impacting both artists and the development of the art scene here in Jordan. Fulfilling their mission in creating an environment for up and coming artists and by lifting each other through the common passion of art.