AMMAN – In the its latest participation at Beirut Art Fair, Jordan landed in Lebanon to showcase its national art in a pavilion dedicated to the country. The pavilion run by the National Gallery of Fine Arts, hosted Nabad Art Gallery, Wadi Finan Art Gallery, Orient Gallery as well as The Corner Art Space.

Jordanian Pavilion view at Beirut Art Fair 2019. 

The National Gallery displayed images of its ongoing art projects throughout the country. Images including ones from their Touring Art Museum, previous exhibitions, a brief timeline of the gallery since its foundation and an introduction to their latest venture with Factory. The National Gallery’s publications were also put on view showcasing the gallery’s participation in archiving Arab art. The director of the National Gallery Dr. Khalid Khreis also participated in a discussion panel entitled Museums’ Economic Stares: Financing, Philanthropy and More along with other international museum and art directors. 

Under the National Gallery’s umbrella, four local galleries were present at the Jordanian Pavilion in this year’s Beirut Art Fair:

View of Nabad Gallery section at Beirut Art Fair 2019. 

Nabad Art Gallery presented work by a few of their represented artists including Dina Haddadin who recently had a duo exhibition at the gallery with her sister Majd. Another represented artist was prominent Jordanian architect and artist Ammar Khamash whose work was exhibited at Sacred Harvest along with artists Hani Alqam and Fouad Mimi in October of last year. Lastly, Nabad showcased work by Dr. Khalid Khreis who also had a solo exhibition entitled Rain Memories back in April.

View of Wadi Finan Art Gallery section at Beirut Art Fair 2019.

Wadi Finan Art Gallery displayed work by their represented Jordanian artists Mohanna Durra, Nissa Raad, Ahmad Nawash, Wijdan and Fadi Daoud. Their collection included paintings, weaving works by Raya Kassaciyeh and sculptures by HRH Wijdan whose latest solo exhibition Opaque Transparencies only recently closed at Wadi Finan.

View of The Corner Art Space section at Beirut Art Fair 2019. 

The Corner Art Space made an appearance at this year’s fair representing three artists Bader Mahasneh, Hani Alqam and emerging artist Ahmad Turki.

View of Orient Gallery section at Beirut Art Fair 2019. 

Lastly, it was Orient Gallery who had a section in the pavilion representing Sana’ Kayyali, Mohammad Al Ameri, Mohammad Nasrallah and Hilda Hiyari. Hiyari’s latest solo exhibition at Orient Gallery Piece by Piece was reviewed by artmejo last September. 

With an estimated visitors’ tally of 34,000 at Beirut Art Fair this year, the pavilion reached a wide international audience and highlighted major local galleries paving the way for bigger Jordanian participation in regional and international art fairs in the future.

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Image courtesy of the National Gallery of Fine Arts.