artmejournal is a product of merging two passions in one – writing and the arts. It aims to provide a proactive platform for thinkers and creators to initiate discussions and debates about culture and art. Within artmejo’s main mission to promote artists, galleries and events happening in Jordan and in the region, The Journal gives readers the opportunity to join in on the conversations.

The idea was born over a hot cup of coffee Sama and Hind were having in the Summer of 2017, with an aim to fill a void in art journalism that focuses on under-represented topics and artists in the region. Within our limited resources, we decided to create an online journal that is both easily accessible and free and reaches all ends of the planet.

Through an open call for writers posted on artmejo’s social media channels, a group of young writers from different parts of the world such as Cairo, Tripoli, Istanbul, Berlin, London and Amman joined in to voice their opinions and tackle topics they’re passionate about.

artmejournal shares opinion pieces, features, interviews with artists, reviews and news happening in the local, regional and international art scene. It aspires to be a beneficial source for valuable, factual and analytical information on any topics that have to do with plastic and visual art in both Arabic and English. You can delve deeper into art exhibitions, events and conversations happening in the art world from the comfort of your home.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged us the past couple of months. It makes us further believe that there is a need for a platform like this to exist.

We would especially like to thank our contributors and our interns Jad and Claire, for their immense efforts and time working on making the launch of the journal a success.

With love,

Sama Shahrouri – Editor in Chief

Hind Joucka – Founder