Honoring the martyrs, aiding the injured, and supporting the orphaned, a different yet similar march started from Amman to Gaza; carrying messages of hope, solidarity, and unity to the freedom and life seekers enduring Israeli occupation in Palestine.

The event, adopting the following expression, broke borders to transport a sense of humanity towards the fallen martyrs in the latest aggression on Gaza. “Remaining behind those who drag their bodies towards the jaws of death, there are those who seek a return to their homeland- even if only a sliver; returning despite death, returning with their bodies despite amputation.”

Through Sound and Colour for Gaza, more than 50 artists from all over the region showcased their work over a 4-day exhibition at Zara Expo Center, mixing between representations of sorrow, grief, glee, love, loss, ache, and strength.

From the Sound and Colour for Gaza exhibition, 2018

Organizer and artist Esraa Smadi said the exhibition stands in the face of oppression and apartheid – to show support to Palestinians marching for basic human rights: freedom and dignity. In a recent interview, Smadi said:

This is the least we can do for our people in Gaza; in the face of the occurrences and the blockade. Every Friday, Gazans participate in the Return Marches but the whole world is silent, despite the hundreds of martyrs that have fallen since the start of the marches.
This is a move to show solidarity with the injured, martyred, and orphaned. Every artist is here with their artwork saying: ‘I stand in solidarity with Gaza, with Palestine’.
Art is a form of expression. Without it, there is no essence to the world. It makes us imagine the future by drawing the present and the past.
From the Sound and Colour for Gaza exhibition, 2018

Artist Kristina Dawoud said:

The idea came up as we were thinking of things we can do from where we are as artists; our role in society, and how we can influence and benefit people from our individual identities to the wider society-based identity.

Many artists, she said, did not ask for anything in return, when they were informed the fund will be delivered as aid to Gaza. “Everyone is willing to help when it comes to a humanitarian cause.”

Art is a universal language; it has its own unique way of communicating the message, mixed with senses and emotions, which delivers the message through a different manner, since artists have another outlook on the world.
From the Sound and Colour for Gaza exhibition, Jehad AlAmiri (left), Juman Nimri (right), 2018

Artist Raed Ibrahim, commented:

It is always a great concept to hold exhibitions that stand for a specific cause; specifically the Palestinian cause to emphasize the right of return through return marches.
We always wonder how we can contribute to or aid the oppressed in the light of the tyrannies and unjust decisions in Palestine. It’s amazing how many artists came together and took part in this event and are willing to resist occupation and support Palestinians.

Ibrahim exhibited five pieces of different marble-like rock figures; each placed in a frame, with the idea of representing and valuing the tool of resistance used by freedom seekers in the occupied territories.

From the Sound and Colour for Gaza exhibitionm Mohammad Al-Hajj artwork, 2018

The exhibition was not solely visual, as it involved local musical talents performing concerts on daily basis. The performances were by: Tareq Al Nasser, El-Morabba3, Garaseen, Ayloul, and Ghaem Joz’i.

The proceeds of the exhibition and concerts are dedicated to the Union of Health Work Committees in Gaza, in support of the medical missions performed to the injured civilians living under Israeli occupation, she said, expressing hope of a fast recovery to the injured Palestinians fighting for freedom through confrontation of oppression.

All images courtesy of arttogaza.