Naji Chalhoub made his solo exhibition debut within the walls of the Karim Gallery. The emerging Lebanese artist presented us with his minimal yet existential artwork.

I was very excited about this exhibition. I mainly share my art on social platforms and it’s always interesting to see how different people from all around the world react to the art. By doing this exhibition, it was definitely a more intimate experience, as I had the opportunity to interact with the crowd.
Naji Chalhoub, Ink on Paper, 2018

Known for ink scribble illustrations, he manages to turn manic penmanship into poetic abstractions.  His evocative work demands to be heard and felt by arousing the deepest forms of emotion. The expressionist delivers insight into the human mind and the surreal world through his intricate use of lines.  Chalhoub describes his artistic style to us and said, “I believe my work and the emotion it conveys is an honest expression of the world we live in”.

What’s special about Naji is his pen. The fact that he created all this simply with ink is amazing. He allows the people to understand whatever it is they see from each piece. -Zuhair Salkhady, team operator at Karim Gallery
Naji Chalhoub, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 2018

Chalhoub’s exhibition was erratic and undoubtedly full of emotion. Through his predominant use of ink he exudes themes such as love, alienation, decay, and deeper sides of the subconscious.  His distorted portraits capture psychological dimensions and raw hostile emotion, which was unsettling yet cathartic for some viewers.

There are so many elements of horror scattered throughout the artist’s work. Most of his pieces are honestly quite frightening and scary but in a way that makes you feel really good. It’s such simple work but so much is happening at the same time. So much is being felt and there’s so many emotions to take in. -Randa Haddadin, exhibition guest
Naji Chalhoub, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 2018
His use of color in specific places really directs your attention straight to the detail in every piece. The entire exhibition holds so much depth, just in the portraits alone. I feel like the artist expressed himself onto the faces of each figure. Though the portraits/ figures may be of others, the jarring expressions maybe his own. Within the scribbles and lines i felt a pain the artists may have suffered through or certain pain he intended to depict. Whether it be rooted from his personal childhood trauma or reflection of the outer world, either way the artist really knew how to provoke my emotion in just the right way. -Manal Haddadin, exhibition guest
Naji Chalhoub, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 2018

His distinct form of expressionism vividly depicts all kinds of subjective emotions. Immersing the audience with intense feelings and profound distortions of reality. Highly influenced by the truth of the present day world. Chalhoub shared with us final thoughts on what he hopes the people takes away from his art as a whole: “I hope the audience find themselves face to face with the reality of the world we live in”.