In the recently branded ‘new downtown’, exactly on a corner in Al Abdali you find Amman’s newest art hub, The Corner. A new art space by Campbell Gray Living Amman run by Dina Dabbas Rifai (@theartinerary) as Head Curator that aims to hold art exhibitions, talks, workshops and art salons.

Artwork by 16 different regional and international artists greeted guests at The Corner’s opening reception. #reds&blacks housed artworks from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Armenia, Kurdistan, Spain, Turkey and the Philippines.

The Corner first floor gallery space artwork left to right by Salustiano, Resmi AlKhafaji and Sarp Kerem Yavuz

artmejo was there on the opening night and we spoke to the curator about the show:

How does The Corner set itself apart from other local galleries?

The Corner is a collaboration between Campbell Gray Living – CGL Amman – and, thus it brings together the style and sophistication of CGL with the cosmopolitan edge of seeing what’s out there in the international art market, through the art travels of And one major thing that sets The Corner apart is its collaboration with the other local galleries in Amman; so rather than presenting another venue for competition in the local art scene, The Corner will work closely with the other galleries, showcasing their art and supporting their artists, while at the same time being a hub for established and young and upcoming artists alike.

What are its future plans?

The Corner will hold art talks, workshops, and art salons, while also offering a space for visitors and art aficionados to lounge around over a delicious cup of coffee and some dessert.
The Corner exhibition space, artwork left to right by Delair Shaker, Mohammed Al Shammarey, Bashar AlHroub

How often will there be collective and/or solo shows?

Solo and collective exhibitions will happen every 8 weeks or so, with a span to showcase young artists in between shows.

Tell us a bit about the theme #reds&blacks.

#redsandblacks was a theme I came up with for many reasons; mainly because I love the strength and representation of those two colors in art, and I thought it would be a great way to bring together the works of 16 Arab and European artists. I was first attracted to two different works by two different artists, one in bright red and the other in black, and the idea sort of developed from there.
Mohammed Al Shammarey, exhibited at #reds&blacks

AlAbdali is the newest ‘hip’ area in the capital, what is your prediction on The Corner’s effect on the local art scene?

AlAbdali is a new hip and bustling area, and adding art to that scene was crucial. The owners and management of CGL are huge supporters of the arts, and for them it was a given to have an art space in the project. The Corner will hopefully add an outlook on the local, regional, and international art scene, and attract a new and diverse audience that are the tenants and visitors of CGL, The Boulevard, and Abdali.
Salustiano, Natural pigments and acrylic resin on canvas, exhibited at #reds&blacks

Exhibiting at The Corner’s first show were artists Hind Nasser, Antoni Tapies, Mohammad Al Shammarey, Himat, Resmi Al Kafaji, Nawal Abdullah, Delair Shaker, Omar Bilbeisi, Bashar Al Hroub, Jehad Al Ameri, Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Annie Kurkdjian, Elmer Dumlao, Rania Kamal, Mohammad Dohaidel and Spanish artist Salustiano who talked to artmejo about the use of Black and Red in his work saying:

I like the absolute. They are definitive colors. Red is the color par excellence. Red is capable of transcending its own color condition. It is more than just a color, it is a symbol that causes a feeling of beauty, of absolute, the absence of time, appeasement, being at the same time an expression of strength, the color of blood, of religion, of the chosen ones.
White is light, that means all the colors, and black, the absence of it. The yin and the yang of colors, alpha and omega, opposite ends from where you start in one and end in another.
Each of these colors is a universe within itself, that’s why my characters don’t need more landscape than these three iconic colors.

Image courtesy of artists’ websites and The Artinerary.