Capturing Moments: Lamia Fakhoury & Alia Talhouni

Join us on November 22nd for a dual exhibition by sculptors Lamia Fakhoury & Alia Talhouni.

Lamia’s light-hearted figures emit a sense of playfulness and liberated motion and are interestingly contrasted with Alia’s creations that set an introspective tone given their surreal and pensive qualities.

The combination of these honest and raw approaches allows the viewer to sink into a wide array of moods through these captured moments.

Alia Talhouni
Alia Talhouni (b. 1988) is a contemporary artist noted for her asymmetrical and anamorphic artworks. She studied drawing and figurative sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art with Robert Bodem between 2015 and 2017. After experimenting with various mediums, Alia found her vocation in sculptural language.
Lamia Fakhoury
Lamia Fakhoury is a Jordanian self taught sculptor with a hands-on approach to her work; she sees each one of her pieces from its inception through molding, casting, welding, patina work, and everything in between; every sculpture is a unique one-of-a-kind piece. After several successful careers as a documentarian, a coffee roaster,  and a legal arbitrator, Fakhoury made a life-changing decision to live life in “playing mode”, dedicating herself to pushing the bounds of her craft– she is the first sculptor in the region to cast life-sized hollow bronze sculptures. To achieve this feat, Lamia experimented tirelessly, collaborating closely with industrial foundries in Amman and their heavy-duty equipment. Her work is both playful and poignant, often exploring the way human bodies express emotion. Since 2015, she has collaborated closely with Reem Mouasher on many projects, most recently on the #Kurka3a project, an ongoing engagement with the public that makes her art free, accessible, and interactive by hiding it around the under-appreciated nooks of Amman.

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18:00:00 - 20:00:00 Asia/Amman