Dar Art Fair • مهرجان دار آرت الفني

The launch of Dar Art Fair in Amman features local galleries and independent artists gathered for three weeks at Sweifieh Village from Monday 14 June – Sunday 4 July, 2021.

For this first edition, the fair brings you the best of what the local visual art scene offers. Showcasing collections from 11 galleries and more than 70 independent artists, the fair aims to bring together the scene’s established and emerging talents in one location.

The fair includes participation by Jordanian artists as well as artists from the Arab world including Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq.

The exhibited selection aims to shed light on the ever-growing art scene in Jordan, from plastic art to sculpture to audio-visual installations. We are paying tribute to established artists who have paved the way for the scene to flourish, as well as highlighting emerging artists who are setting the tone for a forward-moving landscapes in art.

Participating galleries:


An online platform for arts and culture from the Arab world, we will be seeing artworks on canvas by emerging artists Mays Dweiri, Diana Quandour, Aya Abu Ghazaleh, as well as sculpture work by artist Sama Shahrouri.

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