In Transit by Yamuna Matheswaran

Exhibition is extended to January 31st | يستمر المعرض حتى 31 كانون الثاني

Curated by artmejo and presented at Manara Arts & Culture, we are pleased to announce the public showcasing of In Transit, a collection of paintings made by visual artist and journalist Yamuna Matheswaran.

The exhibition is comprised of 28 paintings and will be on display from December 6th, 2021 on the second floor of Manara Arts & Culture.

In Transit

In this series, composed primarily of watercolour paintings, Indian visual artist Yamuna Matheswaran explores the state of being perpetually in transit, and accompanying questions of belonging, home, and temporariness.

On the one hand, she has found that movement can offer the highest form of freedom, and a sense of belonging that transcends socio-cultural boundaries. The awareness of our limited time often leads to a more intense experience of a place. On the other hand, it sometimes leads to the inhabiting of a different sort of reality—a state of being in transit—isolated from the worlds that you physically reside in. At the heart of it all is the idea of home. Does ‘home’ have to do with relationships, history, and time spent in a place—or is it a place that allows you to fully be yourself? To what extent does this influence your need to take flight, and what are you hoping to find? What stories and places do each of us carry within us that are different from the external spaces that we inhabit?

About the Artist

Yamuna Matheswaran is a visual artist and journalist from Chennai, India. A self-taught artist, she is drawn to everyday subjects, and primarily works with watercolours, gouache, and ink. Yamuna was raised in six cities across India—a way of life that has shaped her perspective in significant ways—and since 2010 has lived in Denver, Delhi, Jerusalem, Germany, and Bangalore. Several of the works featured in this exhibition were created during a year-long journey across the Balkans and Germany, culminating in Amman.

Yamuna’s writing and art have appeared on Atlas Obscura, Dutch comics journalism platform Drawing the Times, The Hindu, New internationalist, and elsewhere. She holds an MA in International Studies from the University of Denver.

View online exhibition here.

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18:00:00 - 21:00:00 Asia/Amman