Nabad Gallery invites you to its new solo exhibition by Farouk Lambaz entitled “Garden of Eden v”.

Jordanian artist Farouk Lambaz creates skilfully-crafted calligraphic paintings. Using oil pastels as his medium, the embossing technique and the thuluth script, Lambaz evokes a spiritual, peaceful atmosphere in his works, doing homage to the Arab Islamic artistic heritage. Born in 1942 in Amman, Jordan, Farouk Lambaz studied law but went on to pursue an active artistic career as painter, designer and art teacher. Since 1968, he has held fifteen solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous local and international group shows. Lambaz was awarded the Jordanian Kawkab Medal of the Fourth Order by the late King Hussein of Jordan. He currently lives and works in Amman.


“The Arab Islamic artistic heritage is one of the richest resources for many artists in the region, for it is deeply rooted in their repository of memories. The impact of this heritage on contemporary artworks and the manner in which it is expressed differs from one artist to another, but no artist can totally escape its influence, as it is intimately tied to our environment, social realities and beliefs. Furthermore, this heritage provides the artist with a variety of possibilities to express temporal and spatial dimensions, as well as stillness and movement. I do not seek to present technical expressions of this heritage, but to honour it, give it the value it deserves and expose it to present and future generations.

Art to me is a special private language which reflects the cumulative memories of the artist and the interaction of his conscious mind with his subconscious. The artist uses these feelings to express himself and to communicate using visual styles and techniques that are sometimes capable of astonishing even himself, for each work of art is a somewhat unknown journey. I believe that the artist is often ahead of his time, and that a genuine artwork embodies within itself the past, the present and the future. That is one of the reasons why the works of many artists are not recognized and appreciated during their lifetimes.”


Farouk Lambaz

Running from 29th April – 12th June at Nabad Gallery.

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April 29, 2019 to June 12, 2019 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm