In the framework of the 8th Edition of the Image Festival Amman, entitled “Wandering ترحال “, Nabad has the pleasure to present two photography exhibitions: “Stars and Stone” by Bashar Tabbah and “the things we leave behind” by Paola Farran.

Bashar Tabbah’s “Stars and Stone” is a photographic exploration of Jordan’s historical ruins under the veil of night; the project explores sites in a state very few have seen or experienced. Initiated in 2017, this project is an expansion of night photography taken between 2014-16. It now encompasses over 25 sites from around the Kingdom. Bashar Tabbah’s passion for photography, exploration and history has dominated his life for the past 15 years. Having both British and Jordanian roots has given Bashar a perspective that neither side can truly offer on its own. Bashar walks a fine line between documentary and artistry in his work. He describes what he does as a combined form of freedom of movement and education in cultures and their past. In December 2018, he published his first photography/history book, “A Map and a Lens: Jordan.”

Paola Farran says of her exhibition: “As inhabitants of this planet, we live our lives mostly unaware of how substantial our footprint is. Every step we take forms ripples in our environment, bringing contentment, strain, comfort, change. This photographic project zooms onto the smallest evidence of our wanderings—a witness of the wrinkles we imprint on our world, whether voluntary or not, whether lasting or ephemeral. Paola Farran is a Canadian artist currently based in Amman. Born in Beirut with Italian origins, she has called many countries home over the years. As a result, her art and photography explore the themes of acceptance and belonging, of impermanence, and of celebrating beauty in the simple acts of daily life.

The exhibitions continue through the 7th of April. For further information, please contact Nabad Art Gallery at 06 4655084.

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April 2, 2019 to April 7, 2019 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm