Nabad has the pleasure to invite you to attend the opening of
“Places of the Heart,” an exhibition of cityscape and landscape paintings by Adib Fattal, Riham Ghassib, Salam Kanaan and Issam Tantawi.

Adib Fattal is an eternal optimist. He is a dreamer who guides us back to the age of innocence. In his search for beauty, he evokes only joyful images of the world. Many of the places he draws are imaginary, others are real places transformed into richer and more intricate locals. His paintings are ablaze with color and movement.

“Feeling more open to the magic of nature has contributed a great deal to the development of my work. A selected palette has helped me arrive at a system of colour harmony that has enabled me to penetrate the beauty and appropriate the aesthetic secrets of nature; its fabulous colours, shades and lights. My paintings are becoming an increasingly accurate record of my intense passion for nature.”

After obtaining a B.A. in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University, Salam Kanaan received a Diplome Superieur from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He held his 13th solo show at Darat Abu Al Ragheb earlier this year. Kanaan’s watercolours depicting Jordanian and Palestinian natural and urban landscapes are executed with extreme sensitivity and transparency.

“I would not be exaggerating if I said that my relationship with places is similar to my relationship with human beings. I feel the souls of their inhabitants or those who have left them. What is most interesting to me are the simple, old houses, which climb the mountains spontaneously and intermingle affectionately.”

The exhibition continues through 25 September 2019

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August 26, 2019 to September 25, 2019