AL HAYAT / الحياة
A group exhibition featuring eight emerging Jordanian women artists.
“Nature plays a very significant role in my life. I can’t live without observing the details of those moments that I encounter in my everyday life: studying the different shapes meditating the varied colors and if possible, touching every tangible thing to feel the abundance of all the variations that nature has.” Khuzama Abu Joudeh deploys vivid bright colors and textured backgrounds to convey a strangeness in mother nature which we sometimes take for granted.
Rama Al Farkh, with her complicated overlapping lines of black and white, reflects on the self-realization and non-idealistic reality of humans, longing for the satiability of life and home.
Tamara El-Ali’s works are symbolic acts of freedom and independence. The immutability of marble combines with the fragility of a balloon, in a strange kind of rigidity.
Pushing the limits of form has always been central to the work of Leen Jamil. She creates the illusion of perceivable imbalance, as objects appear on the verge of collapse, and the work pushes the boundaries of stability.
Layan Khawaldeh uses pastel and the motif of the mask to explore what is real, unreal, and we seek to escape.
For Dina Malkawi, the exotic forest scenes resemble our desires, our fantasies, as well as the past. We cannot dwell on the forest too much, or we could easily get lost and never find our way back.
Haya Salti has always been fascinated by line, form and the intuitive beauty of the human body, as she draws energy from strong brushstrokes and the importance of the subconscious in art.
Life connects these artists, which is why Q0DE is pleased to donate 10% of the sales from this exhibition for Breast Cancer Awareness month at the King Hussein Foundation.

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