Exhibition Opening
Material Resilience
Wednesday 20 November 2019
Q0DE Art Space I 07:00- 10:00 PM

QØDE Art Space is pleased to announce that it is inviting Syrian artists now based in the UAE, Alaa Sharabi (1988) and Juhayda Bitar (1991) to exhibit their new work jointly for the first time as a married couple in Amman, Jordan in ‘Material Resilience’.

‘Material Resilience’ is an exploration of how individuals cope with feelings of loss, grief, fear and exile; transitioning and falling through the stages of life. During the transition, the past and the present overlap; the period of creative exploration triggers old memories and imposes questions for the future.

QØDE hopes that the exhibition will become a storytelling mechanism where artists can share their reflections with wider audiences, and aims to bring together young emerging artists from the Middle East to showcase their talent and consequently, their voices.

In this year’s iteration of the exhibition, both artists will correspond to the theme of ‘Material Resilience’ by bringing their own self-reflections and experiences to the exhibition through the medium of painting and printmaking.

Sharabi and Bitar are united by the different ways they choose to reflect on a lived experience somewhere in-between. That transition bears the potential for them to navigate through the unknown and becomes a playing field for nostalgia, hyper-recollection and speculation that result in an attempt to reconcile with nature and the universe.

Art, therefore, becomes a refuge, a catalyst for hope, and a dialogue between ‘X’ and ‘Y’ who have moved from one country to another, from a singular to a plural state, and from realism to abstraction.

The exhibition will continue until 15 January 2020

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Starts in 1 Day, 2 Hours

November 20, 2019 to January 15, 2020 10:00 am - 8:30 pm

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