Never Too Late to Art

يشرفنا حضوركم لافتتاح المعرض الأول لطلاب المرسم
يوم السبت الموافق ٢٥-٩-٢٠٢١ بين ٦-١٠ مساءً
-يرجى الالتزام بلبس الكمامة والتباعد الاجتماعي
You are cordially invited to the first exhibition of our students, Saturday 25th of Sep 2021. 6-10pm
-Please attend wearing a mask and keep a safe distance at all times.
Never Toe late To Art
In this exhibition, you will view the works of people who decided
to pursue their passion for art at different stages in their lives
and started a learning journey to draw and paint from scratch.
Their commitment and persistence took their basic skills to a
whole new level and some even dedicated their time to become
professional artists.
The exhibition features a selection of artworks done by students
of the studio over the course of their learning experience ranging
from 1-3 years, using different mediums such as pencil, pastel
watercolors, Chinese ink and oil. The works include original
paintings as well as studies after other artist’s artworks.
Also, Basbous, our mascot cat, will be there and will attempt
to steal the show!
About us
A creative & cosy space for art lovers, enthusiasts, and learners.
Founded in 2015 in Jabal Allweibdeh and has been a professional
destination for people who want to start learning or strengthen
their drawing and painting skills,The Art Studio also sells handmade
customized canvas and linen.
The founder of the studio,Samah Samaha, offers private
classes/courses for adults & young talents, teaching structural
academic drawing & Painting from scratch.
Upon graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Drawing
and painting) from The University of Jordan,College of Fine Arts,
Samaha continued to be a full-time artist, practiced painting and
worked as a teaching assistant at the studio of the late pioneer
artist Aziz Ammoura for 4 years. In 2015, she founded
the Art Studio.Amman.
The exhibition runs till October 2nd 5-9 pm
(Monday &Wednesday 1-8 pm)
Jabal Allweibdeh, ahmad Shawqi street,Building 29,Ground floor
In front of Terrasancta college, gate 1
For your safety and everyone else’s please attend wearing a mask and keep a safe distance

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18:00:00 - 22:00:00 Asia/Amman