Jacaranda Images: bushfire appeal for Australia

Purchase an Australian artist’s work from Jacaranda Images until 31 January and all proceeds go to bushfire relief with love from Jordan.
I am sure you have seen the news that Australia is experiencing unprecedented and devastating bush fires, forcing the mass evacuation of people and animals. There are more than 200 fires still burning, many out of control and unable to be contained by the brave volunteer firefighters in Australia who have jumped into action and currently outnumber full-time fighters.
In addition to the human and property toll, ecologists at the University of Sydney are estimating that almost half a billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have died in the fires already.
From a wintery and rainy Amman, our hearts go out to all affected. Jacaranda Images, with our strong Australian connection wants to help and so can you. A selection of our Australian artists’ work is now on display and will be till the end of January. ALL proceeds from sales from these works will go to 2 organisations that are predominantly volunteer run and desperately need assistance to get through this difficult time. Proceeds will be shared between the NSW Rural Fire Service whose volunteers have tirelessly worked to save people and property since September 2019 and the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES), Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation.

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Jacaranda Images: Tamer Al Ahmer - Do You Still Remember?

Join us on a nostalgic, dazzling journey from the golden age of the Arabic cinema & music, a result of 9 years of working for the Jordanian artist Tamer Al Ahmar, Lessa Faker exhibition showcases his stunning collection of digital work which has constantly aimed at re-imagining cultural icons in a modern way.

Opening on Saturday 7 December 2019 at 6pm

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Jacaranda Images: Yaser Dweik 50 Years of Graphics

Opening Tuesday 5 November 2019 at 6pm
Exhibition counties till 30 November 2019
This exhibition showing 50 Years of Yaser Dweik’s extraordinary original prints and works on paper covering traditional imagery through to contemporary calligraphy. It’s a lifetime of work from one of Jordan’s pioneer artists.

Jordanian artist Yasser Dweik was born in Palestine in 1940. He received his formal arts education at the Fine Art Academy in Baghdad in 1968, following this with printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic in the UK in 1972.

Returning to Jordan in the 1970s, Yasser, along with his contemporaries and great friends Mahmoud Taha, Nasr Abdel Aziz, Aziz Ammoura, Keram Al Nimri and Abdel Raouf Shamoun developed their various areas of expertise, crossing over disciplines and often collaborating together on works.
They were amongst the first Jordanian artists to have studied abroad and all returned to be involved in education of the arts and advance their own practices. Yaser has been a dedicated teacher and mentor to students since this time.
The subjects covered in Dweik’s prints encompass matters close to his heart. The elegant and delicate prints of birds and animals completed in the 1970s through to his more recent landscapes show the peaceful and hopeful side of Dweik.
Of course, this had been confronted with the despair and realities of the occupation of his homeland, the places of his heritage and the suffering of his Palestinian people. This work reveals the devastation of the physical environment as well as the pain and despair of the emotional state of the people.
Despite majoring in painting, his printmaking skills evolved to introduce various technical methods and styles to his contemporary work often using several techniques in the one print. The results show deft layers of colour, texture and patterns to tell the story.

من 5 حتى30 تشرين ثاني 2019
الإفتتاح 5 تشرين ثاني الساعة 6 مساءا

هذا المعرض الذي يتضمن 50 عامًا من المطبوعات الأصلية الإستثنائية والأعمال على الورق لياسر دويك يتراوح بين الصور التقليدية و الخط العربي التجريدي المعاصر. إنه عمر كامل من أعمال أحد رواد الفن في الأردن.

ولد الفنان ياسر دويك في فلسطين عام 1940. تلقى تعليمه الرسمي في الفنون في أكاديمية الفنون الجميلة في بغداد عام 1968 ، وأتبع ذلك بفن الطباعة في برايتون بوليتكنيك في المملكة المتحدة في عام 1972.لدى عودته إلى الأردن في سبعينيات القرن العشرين طور ياسر هو و معاصروه وأصدقاؤه المقربون، محمود طه ونصر عبد العزيز وعزيز عمورة وكرام النمري وعبد الرؤوف شمعون ، مجالات خبرتهم المختلفة متجاوزين التخصصات متعاونين غالبًا في الأعمال.لقد كانوا من أوائل الفنانين الأردنيين الذين درسوا في الخارج وعاد جميعهم للمشاركة في تعليم الفنون وتعزيز خبراتهم الشخصية. منذ ذلك الوقت عمل ياسر معلمًا ومرشداً للطلاب.

الموضوعات التي تتناولها مطبوعات الدويك تشمل الأمور القريبة من قلبه. تُظهر المطبوعات الأنيقة والدقيقة للطيور والحيوانات التي ابدعها في السبعينيات والمناظر الطبيعية الحديثة الجانب السلمي والأمل من قبل دويك.

وعلى نقيض ذلك واجه الفنان حقيقة احتلال وطنه وأماكنه التراثيه ومعاناة شعبه الفلسطيني ولديه العديد من الأعمال التي تعبر عن تدمير البيئة المادية وكذلك الألم واليأس والحالة البائسة للناس.على الرغم من تخصصه في الرسم ، طوّر الدويك مهاراته في الطباعة لإدخال مختلف الأساليب الفنية في عمله المعاصرحيث كان في كثير من الأحيان يستخدم العديد من التقنيات في طبعة واحدة. تظهر النتائج طبقات مميزة من اللون والملمس والنقوش لرواية قصة العمل.

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Jacaranda Images: Tishreen by Mo Rusan

Jacaranda Images is proud to present Mo Rusan first solo exhibition TISHREEN.

Tishreen marks the season of harvest. A time when women in brightly embroidered dresses gather to pick the olive trees, a time when the land rewards its keepers.
This exhibition is a celebration of our ancestral connection to the land. It is a celebration of our traditional embroidered “Toub” (dress), adorned with stitches which themselves are a reflection of the land, its vegetation, birds and animals.
It is a reconstruction of tradition, a contemporary take on our visual identity…and a salute to the land and its people.

The exhibition features hand shaped & hammered metals (aluminum, brass and tin) as well as mixed work on paper.

This exhibition is part of Amman Design Week أسبوع عمّان للتصميم

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Jacaranda Images: Beyond Colour by Fadi Haddadin

“Haddadin hangs free shapes of color in mid space. Each of us look at these paintings and builds up a different space and order, according to some deep primordial visual perception process, possibly from our evolutionary past and survival strategies. These works represent a generative approach to art, where the artist gives works that are tools for us to build up our own results, in our deep visual and awareness conation. Fadi Haddadin stirs some visual/mental instincts we didn’t know that we had.” Ammar Khammash

Join us on opening night Wednesday 11 Sep at 6PM

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Jacaranda Images: Artist Talk by Shalabieh Al Hakawatieh

They say an image is worth a thousand words and with Shalabieh Al Hakawatieh we will be bringing you stories inspired by art works from our collection. Shalabieh will weave her stories, retelling the art through her story lens.

Join us for an evening UNDER THE JACARANDA
with art work, stories and a few light refreshments.

6pm 22 April 2019 at Jacaranda Images Gallery
free entry

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Image Festival- Amman: Jacaranda Images Presents Hikāyāt by Tariq Dajani

As part of مهرجان الصورة – عمان Image Festival – Amman , Jacaranda Images welcomes the return of Tariq Dajani for his 5th solo exhibition at the gallery.

The exhibition consists of a series of rich hand-crafted photogravure prints combined with Arabic writings by poets Mahmoud Darwish and Samih al-Qasim, and mystics Rumi and Gibran, where the poetry adds an evocative dimension to the image.
Dajani uses old family photographs and other material to create poetic stories and ideas that reflect his personal feelings and thoughts, and his constant search for spiritual and earthly identity. The work is dark and evocative, hinting of separation, pain and loss. At the same time, the depth of human emotion displayed in the pictures provides future hope and optimism.
This will be the first exhibition of a series. All photogravure prints are limited to an edition of 3 copies only, and will be available for purchase.
An artist’s talk will take place on Wednesday 17 April at the gallery.

Open every day 11:00-20:00 at Jacaranda Gallery

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Jacaranda Images: Conference of Birds by Zaina El Said & Mo Awwad

Zaina El Said and Mohammad Awwad jointly exhibit at Jacaranda Images, inspired by teachings of enlightened sages on the meaning of life.

The Persian poem ‘The Conference of Birds’ by the 12th century poet and Sufi thinker Farid Ud-Din Attar is the title of this exhibition and one of the inspirations for the works within it. The journey and the meaning of life have perplexed civilizations forever. Writers, religions, individuals have attempted to find an answer, with a handful of people understanding the question sufficiently to reach beyond it. Some call these the ‘Enlightened’ – Rumi, Hallaj, Rabia Al Adawia to name a few. Their exploration and teaching of the ‘truth’ recognises an energy and consciousness from within and that reaches beyond the limits of a two dimensional perception of life.

It is in consequence of the writings left by these sages that the idea of this exhibition came together. Using symbols and visual metaphors the works by Al Said and Awwad explore some of the journey led by the Hoopoe bird in the poem lending a painterly insight to these astounding yet timeless writings and teachings.

Showing from 9 February until 7 March at Jacaranda Images

11:00 to 20:00 Daily

Exhibition opening February 9 18:00

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Jacaranda Images: "Figuratively Speaking" by Hanan Khalil

For 12 months Hanan Khalil’s fans have been delighted with her witty illustrations of Arabic idioms. Now over 80 of the original works will be on display in Jacaranda Images December exhibition.

Join us Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 6pm to meet the artist

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