Karim: Insinuations by Amar Dawod

Amar Dawod is an influential artist of the generally known as the “80’s generation” in Iraq. His seven years in Poland and life in Sweden, for the past thirty two years, have shaped his person and artwork into the Eclecticism style. Dawod draws from the different cultures and philosophies that he was exposed to and which he relished to fully absorb. One is compelled to know that fact as one experiences his work. While he is a master of printmaking and sculpture, he regards painting to be the pages where he records and impregnates it with his philosophy.

‘If one day I decide to abandon painting, nobody will feel its impact; neither will society recognize the need for my work.”


Karim Gallery Address:
Karim Gallery 43 Arar st. (previously known as Wadi Saqra)

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Karim Gallery: “Zeftland” by Hani Zurob

In describing this collection, Zurob writes:
“… In ZeftLand I wanted to discover how to transform the character of the sacred space to that of zeft. I minimized the distance between the subject and the concept to focus on the continuous destruction of this land. And it was the land that pointed me towards using a living material, like tree branches, twigs, and dry flower petals.
These works are thus conceptual approaches to the scale of destruction, fire, and pain. I have been confronted by the sacred and the cursed, both on earth and in the work of art. I have found myself asking—is there any difference?

The exhibition will run from 13th of April till 30th of May 2019


في وصف هذه المجموعة ، كتب زُعرُبْ:

أردت في “زِفْتْ لاند” اكتشاف كيفية تحويل شخصية الفضاء المقدس إلى زِفْتْ
لتقليل المسافة بين الموضوع والمفهوم، للتركيز على التدمير المستمر لهذه الأرض. وهي التي وجهتني نحو استخدام مواد حية، مثل أغصان الأشجار وبتلات الزهور الجافة وغيرها

وبالتالي فإن الأعمال في “زفت لاند” ما هي إلا مقاربات مفاهيمية لحجم الدمار والحريق والألم. لأجد نفسي في مواجهة معنى الاشتباك بين المقدّس والملعون، سواء على الأرض أو في العمل الفني. وهنا وجدت نفسي أسأل، هل ثمة من فرق؟
هاني زعرب، شباط / فبراير 2019، باريس

الافتتاح يوم السبت ، 13 أبريل، 2019، الساعة 5:30 > في حضور الفنان.
سيستمر المعرض من 13 أبريل حتى 30 مايو 2019

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Karim Gallery: Pop-up Exhibition by Nazar Yahya

Karim Gallery presents ‘Life’s Amour’, an exhibition by Nazar Yahya.

The Works on view are inspired by the artist’s visit to the “Arts and Amor” section in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Running until February 23rd between 16:00 – 19:30 daily at Karim Gallery.

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Karim Gallery: Solo Exhibition by Naji Chalhoub

The world is a threatening place.

With quick pen strokes the Lebanese painter Naji Chalhoub lets his subconscious speak.

“… The Lebanese painter Naji Chalhoub subjects the viewer to an existential experience…

There is no more direct communication than from face to face. Eye to eye, only the truth makes sense. Faces can hide hardly anything, they speak immediately and directly. With his pencil, Naji Chalhoub succeeds in putting the strongest emotions on paper.

Feelings are at the centre of each of his work. Head posture, facial expressions and gestures are eloquent. These images can be understood all over the world…

Naji Chalhoub is clearly a great talent. An unusual draughtsman.”

Dr. Jörg Bockow, 13 July 2018
Author and Art Critic,

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