Nabad: Boutros Al Maari: Against Monotony

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia Tawfiq Tabbaa, Nabad has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of an exhibition of works by Syrian artist Boutros Al Maari entitled Against Monotony

The exhibition is held in the context of
Amman Design Week 2019: Possibilities

As usual, Boutros Al Maari does not work on one subject, but gives his brush and his ideas the freedom to choose, thus breaking the monotony and surprising us every time by combining the unusual with, occasionally, the contradictory in the same artwork. He attempts to avoid depicting the Syrian tragedy, but in fact, it inhabits details that cannot elude the viewer. In this exhibition at Nabad, Al Maari celebrates the bull, standing alone conversing with one or two marginal characters who actually reveal the whole story.

Born in 1968 in Damascus, Boutros al-Maari graduated with a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris in 2006. In addition to being a prolific painter, Al-Maari is the writer and illustrator of nine children’s books, published in Paris. He has held fourteen solo exhibitions in Paris, Beirut, Dubai and Damascus and has participated in numerous group shows in Europe and the region. A Maari’s works are currently part of an exhibition entitled, “Hommage d’artistes a Notre-Dame” at the museum of the Institut du monde Arabe in Paris. Al Maari lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

The exhibition continues through 6 November 2019

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Nabad: Places of the Heart

Nabad has the pleasure to invite you to attend the opening of
“Places of the Heart,” an exhibition of cityscape and landscape paintings by Adib Fattal, Riham Ghassib, Salam Kanaan and Issam Tantawi.

Adib Fattal is an eternal optimist. He is a dreamer who guides us back to the age of innocence. In his search for beauty, he evokes only joyful images of the world. Many of the places he draws are imaginary, others are real places transformed into richer and more intricate locals. His paintings are ablaze with color and movement.

“Feeling more open to the magic of nature has contributed a great deal to the development of my work. A selected palette has helped me arrive at a system of colour harmony that has enabled me to penetrate the beauty and appropriate the aesthetic secrets of nature; its fabulous colours, shades and lights. My paintings are becoming an increasingly accurate record of my intense passion for nature.”

After obtaining a B.A. in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University, Salam Kanaan received a Diplome Superieur from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He held his 13th solo show at Darat Abu Al Ragheb earlier this year. Kanaan’s watercolours depicting Jordanian and Palestinian natural and urban landscapes are executed with extreme sensitivity and transparency.

“I would not be exaggerating if I said that my relationship with places is similar to my relationship with human beings. I feel the souls of their inhabitants or those who have left them. What is most interesting to me are the simple, old houses, which climb the mountains spontaneously and intermingle affectionately.”

The exhibition continues through 25 September 2019

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Nabad Art Gallery: Displaced by Dina Haddadin


“In a city that is exposed to a continuum of development and re-development, the subject of displacement renders its spaces its margins  and its people, in constant flux under an imposed system of order, of regularity, of certainty and of uniformity, where intangible boundaries and margins are also in constant mutation and formation.
The stone quarries in this body of work are a metaphor for the concept of displacement. The system that is imposed; the grid that is a symbol of modernity dressed onto the mountain, cutting it into fragments like Lego pieces, systematically ordered, and patiently waiting in line for their assembly.
This is what we are left with, then, a negative space that by itself is a geometric ensemble of grids, layers and fragments. A symbol of a fabricated reality that artificially structures and holds its own determination and potentiality. A symbol of the alien inserted into the familiar landscape—flattened, geometricized, ordered, anti-natural, anti-mimetic, anti-real.” Dina Haddadin

و تخلخل المكان.. في مدينةٍ تتعرض لوابلٍ متواصلٍ من التطوير واعادة التطوير، يلبس التخلخل و النزوح او الاقتلاع من المكان , فراغات وهوامش واهل هذه المدن، حيث يجعلها في تدفق مستمر ضمن نظام مفروض من القواعد والتَراتُبيّة و الجزمية والضبط واالمنهجية ، يتغير فيها تشكيل الحدود والهوامش بطريقة متواصلة.

تمثّل المقالع الحجرية في هذا العمل الفني استعارة تشبيهية للتصور المرتبط بتغيير الاماكن وتخلخلها ، حيث النظام المفروض والشبكة التي  تمثل رمزا للحداثة، تكسي الجبل وتقطّعه الى اجزاء تشبه قطع البناء في لعبة الاطفال LEGO باشكالها المرتّبة والمنتظمة وهي تنتظر دورها بصبر وهدوء ليتم ادخالها في خط التجميع.

هذا هو ما وصلنا اليه اذن: فراغ يشكّل بحد ذاته منظومة جيومترية من الشبكات والطبقات والاجزاء. وهي رمز لواقع مزيف مفتعل ولبنىً مصطنعة تحمل احكامها وامكانياتها الخاصة بها. كما انها رمز لشيءٍ دخيل  تم اقحامه في المشهد الطبيعي المألوف ومن ثم تسطيحه وهندسته وتنظيمه بشكل مخالف للطبيعة ومنافٍ للحقيقة وناكرٍ للبيئة.

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Nabad Gallery: 'Gardens of Eden V' by Farouk Lambaz

Nabad Gallery invites you to its new solo exhibition by Farouk Lambaz entitled “Garden of Eden v”.

Jordanian artist Farouk Lambaz creates skilfully-crafted calligraphic paintings. Using oil pastels as his medium, the embossing technique and the thuluth script, Lambaz evokes a spiritual, peaceful atmosphere in his works, doing homage to the Arab Islamic artistic heritage. Born in 1942 in Amman, Jordan, Farouk Lambaz studied law but went on to pursue an active artistic career as painter, designer and art teacher. Since 1968, he has held fifteen solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous local and international group shows. Lambaz was awarded the Jordanian Kawkab Medal of the Fourth Order by the late King Hussein of Jordan. He currently lives and works in Amman.


“The Arab Islamic artistic heritage is one of the richest resources for many artists in the region, for it is deeply rooted in their repository of memories. The impact of this heritage on contemporary artworks and the manner in which it is expressed differs from one artist to another, but no artist can totally escape its influence, as it is intimately tied to our environment, social realities and beliefs. Furthermore, this heritage provides the artist with a variety of possibilities to express temporal and spatial dimensions, as well as stillness and movement. I do not seek to present technical expressions of this heritage, but to honour it, give it the value it deserves and expose it to present and future generations.

Art to me is a special private language which reflects the cumulative memories of the artist and the interaction of his conscious mind with his subconscious. The artist uses these feelings to express himself and to communicate using visual styles and techniques that are sometimes capable of astonishing even himself, for each work of art is a somewhat unknown journey. I believe that the artist is often ahead of his time, and that a genuine artwork embodies within itself the past, the present and the future. That is one of the reasons why the works of many artists are not recognized and appreciated during their lifetimes.”


Farouk Lambaz

Running from 29th April – 12th June at Nabad Gallery.

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Nabad Gallery: Khalid Khreis "Rain Memories"

Nabad opens a solo exhibition of works by Jordanian artist Khalid Khreis entitled, “Rain Memories.”

Khalid Khreis studied art in Egypt, Spain, Italy and Mexico and holds a Ph.D. (cum laude) in the Philosophy and History of Art from Barcelona University. Khreis is currently Director General of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. He has curated numerous local and international exhibitions. He has held eighteen solo exhibitions and participated in a large number of group shows locally and internationally. He was awarded the First Prize for the Joan Miró International Art Contest; the National Award for Excellence in Art, Jordan; and the Medal of the Commander of the Order of Civil Merit, Spain.
Following are Khalid Khreis’s thoughts on “Rain Memories”:

“For over two years, I have been in a state of meditation and mindfulness. Not willing to touch a paint brush, it is as though I was anticipating something new. I am unaccustomed to repeating myself; it is merely my spirit that moves through my works from one station to the other; merely life with its fluctuations and circumstances, for each period of time has its own unique character where repetition is nonexistent. I recall certain signs, symbols, colours and shapes, some of which remain, while others fade into nostalgia.

Rain Memories is a new idea that has swept over me in a torrent, asking a question that still puzzles me: “Who is painting whom?” Rain washes our spirits—a light drizzle, a torrential rain, a deluge that sweeps everything away, taps on the window of my soul and sometimes enters without permission. That is what I have experienced and experience still.

Rain Memories is an informal journey towards a formal act; a chromatic journey that suggests but does not confirm.

Yet the question persists . . . “Who is painting whom?”

The exhibition continues through the 25th of April 2019 at Nabad Gallery

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Nabad Gallery: “Stars and Stone” by Bashar Tabbah

In the framework of the 8th Edition of the Image Festival Amman, entitled “Wandering ترحال “, Nabad has the pleasure to present two photography exhibitions: “Stars and Stone” by Bashar Tabbah and “the things we leave behind” by Paola Farran.

Bashar Tabbah’s “Stars and Stone” is a photographic exploration of Jordan’s historical ruins under the veil of night; the project explores sites in a state very few have seen or experienced. Initiated in 2017, this project is an expansion of night photography taken between 2014-16. It now encompasses over 25 sites from around the Kingdom. Bashar Tabbah’s passion for photography, exploration and history has dominated his life for the past 15 years. Having both British and Jordanian roots has given Bashar a perspective that neither side can truly offer on its own. Bashar walks a fine line between documentary and artistry in his work. He describes what he does as a combined form of freedom of movement and education in cultures and their past. In December 2018, he published his first photography/history book, “A Map and a Lens: Jordan.”

Paola Farran says of her exhibition: “As inhabitants of this planet, we live our lives mostly unaware of how substantial our footprint is. Every step we take forms ripples in our environment, bringing contentment, strain, comfort, change. This photographic project zooms onto the smallest evidence of our wanderings—a witness of the wrinkles we imprint on our world, whether voluntary or not, whether lasting or ephemeral. Paola Farran is a Canadian artist currently based in Amman. Born in Beirut with Italian origins, she has called many countries home over the years. As a result, her art and photography explore the themes of acceptance and belonging, of impermanence, and of celebrating beauty in the simple acts of daily life.

The exhibitions continue through the 7th of April. For further information, please contact Nabad Art Gallery at 06 4655084.

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Nabad Art Gallery: Solo exhibition "Cultivating the Soul" by Hakim Jamain

Under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Fabio Cassese, the Italian Ambassador to Jordan, Nabad cordially invites you to attend the opening of, “Cultivating the Soul,” an exhibition of paintings by Jordanian Artist Hakim Jamain.
Algerian artist Yazid Kheloufi writes of Hakim’s work: “Hakim Jamain cultivates soil and texture with his soul … this is an invitation to an environmental, ecological art, moulded of earth and spirit. Hakim’s colours interact in an existential rhythm; they have turned spiritual with a primeval Sufism—the azure of the rivers, the soil of Petra and the mud of the Nabateans.”
Hakim Jamain studied art at the Accademia Pietro Vannucci in Perugia and the Nuova Art Academy, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Milan Fine Arts Academy. In 1995, he obtained a post-diploma from the Scuola Cova in Milan. Hakim went on to study architecture and design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK), specializing in Printmaking in 2003.
Jamain produced eight limited-edition lithograph and etching portfolios between 2003 and 2017 and has won awards for his work. He has held eleven solo exhibitions in Egypt, Jordan, the Netherlands and Italy and participated in numerous international exhibitions and biennales. He currently lives and works between Amman, Cairo and Madrid.
The exhibition continues through the 27th of March at Nabad Art Gallery
Opening hours: 10 am – 1:30 pm & 4-7 pm, except Fridays.

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Nabad Gallery: 'Artscapes: Six Women Artists'

Nabad is delighted to invite you to the opening of ARTSCAPES: SIX WOMEN ARTISTS, an exhibition of works by Hind Nasser, Diana Hajjar Shamounki, Zainab Mahdi, Jeanne Mufti, Ghada Dahdaleh and sculptor Lamia Fakhoury.

The exhibition will run until the 31st of January 2019.
Nabad opening hours: 10am-1:30 pm & 4-7pm except Fridays.

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Nabad Art Gallery: 'Earth' by Mohammad Al Shammarey

“Great disasters no longer cause me as much pain as small sorrows. We have become familiar with death–it has been domesticated–but noble grief still finds its way into my soul. Grief for the loss of what makes life worth living on this earth: grass growing on stone, sunshine in a prison, a woman leaving her forties in splendor.” – Mohammed al Shammarey

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Women, Birds & Pomegranates by Hussein Madi

“You know, there is always one corner in the artist’s mind, one unchanging core of logic from which he views and deals with his art. Each object in nature, whether a bird, person, or tree, contains its own specific unchanging inner structure. In conceiving my art, I am driven by one basic logic, namely, preserving this inner structure: its elements can change in scale, position, form and color, but it keeps repeating itself and never loses its identity.” – Hussein Madi

The exhibition will be opened under the patronage of HRH Princess Ghida Talal in the presence of the artist.

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