Wadi Finan Art Gallery: Pre-Exodus

Wadi Finan Art Gallery invites you to a first of its kind virtual reality simulation exhibition where art meets the latest technologies!
Enter a virtual world with @solenneternet “ PRE-EXODUS” exhibition
Saturday 19/02 – 05/03/2022
Saturday – Thursday

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Art In The Digital Age Online Forum

British Council Jordan:
Arts in the Digital Age Online Forum

Artists have experimented with computers, computational processes and digital technologies for many decades now. In recent years we have seen technology taking an ever more prominent role within the arts, from artificial intelligence and machine learning, mixed realities, gaming environments to blockchain and NFTs. In their turn, artists are also making an impact in the tech sector engaging with digital technologies in creative, playful and experimental ways. And as society finds it almost impossible to live without the aid of digital devices, computing, or the internet, artists are also responding in critical ways to how these systems are making an impact in our lives, culture and the world.

In this three-day exchange forum, we are exploring how artists use digital technologies in creative and critical ways, how audiences engage with digital artworks, what the opportunities and challenges are for practitioners today and in the future, and the role of curators and art institutions in engaging with, commissioning and presenting digital art. Bringing together art professionals from the UK and Jordan we will share groundbreaking new work, digital art definitions, case studies and ways of working with arts and digital, but we will also enable artistic development opportunities and art-technology sector collaborations.

The programme offers participating artists opportunities to connect, get inspired by leading creative practitioners, and a preview into British Council in Jordan’s commissioned research into the use of digital technology in the creative scene in Jordan.

Conducted by artmejo, the digital platform promoting art & culture in the Arab world, the research – including conversations with local arts practitioners and creatives across all art forms as well as those working in multi-disciplinary arts – will present findings on the local understanding of digital art and to what extent actors in the arts and culture sector use digital technology. Forum participants will get a chance to hear more about the findings and how this research project will inform the future plans of the British Council in Jordan’s arts programme in building a lasting benefit to the Jordanian arts and cultural sector through evidence-based programming that builds mutually beneficial partnerships and exchanges with the UK cultural sector.

The Forum is suitable for artists, cultural practitioners and art professionals with an interest in digital art and culture, including artistic practices and the digital art scene in Jordan. The Arts in the Digital Age Forum is commissioned by the British Council in Jordan and curated by FutureEverything.


DAY 1 – Monday 21 February

Watch recording of Day 1 now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_GgzEvEXOs

Setting the scene: Arts in the Digital Age – Research Mapping of Jordan
Speakers: Hind Joucka (founder artmejo)
A sneak preview of British Council in Jordan’s newly commissioned research report conducted by artmejo, the digital platform promoting art & culture in the Arab world. Find out how digital technology has been impacting artistic and creative practices in Jordan, its key stakeholders and domains, the opportunities in building audiences and what the future holds.

Digital Art and why it matters
Speakers: Semiconductor, Kit Monkman (KMA)
Is technology impacting creative outputs and how? Are artistic practices having an influence in technology and science sectors? Leading practitioners share ways of working with digital technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, and why digital art matters. From artistic practices that entangle with live data, virtual worlds, artificial intelligence and the internet, what are the challenges and opportunities for digital art practices and how do curators and art institutions respond?

[Digital] Transmissions – Professional exchange session
Session facilitator: Vicky Clarke (Associate Artist, FutureEverything)
Join fellow artists and creative professionals in a facilitated exchange session, focus groups and peer review that aims to share best practices, as well as support and advice working with digital technologies. Digital art practises often involve multiple skills and teams, and access to specialist equipment and production budgets that can be inaccessible to many artists or challenging. This session will enable participants to ask questions, get practical tips and advice on working with digital, share learnings and insights, and discuss needs and challenges.

DAY 2 – Tuesday 22 February

Watch recording of Day 2 now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfQDYnZkd8s

What the NFT?

Speakers: Julie Freeman and Matthew Plummer-Fernández
While the art world went on a standstill during a global pandemic, NFTs skyrocketed. When global traditional art market sales fell, NFT sales suddenly boomed, and many artists excluded from mainstream art markets found a way to sell their work. Are NFTs transforming the art world and impacting the way we create, sell, buy or experience are, or are we witnessing a short-lived trend?
Join artists Julie Freeman and Matthew Plummer-Fernández sharing their experiences
with NFTs and demystifying minting, marketplaces, as well as opportunities, challenges
and risks.

Curating Digital Art
Speakers: Hannah Redler Hawes (Curator, Director, Data as Culture Art Programme, Open Data Institute, Tom Higham (Creative Director, York Mediale) and Khaldoun Hijazin (Director, Art and Cultural Programs, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts)

How are curators and art institutions responding to digital art practices? How can they be equipped to support, commission, produce, display, acquire, maintain and preserve digital art? And how can they adapt to stay relevant, reach younger, tech-savvy audiences and respond to changes, and emerging technologies adopted by artists today and in the future? Embracing digital art can be challenging for many museums and galleries, especially if there is limited support, knowledge and technical expertise, however as we have seen in recent years, digital art spaces, experiences and exhibitions are attracting a lot of interest and growing audiences receptive to new art mediums. Artists engaging with digital technologies can create new and critical ways through which we see the world and understand contemporary (technological) society.

Join this panel of experts and museum/gallery professionals as they discuss exhibiting, commissioning, acquiring digital art and supporting artists, as well as opportunities for museums and galleries to present multi sensory experiences, interdisciplinary work and connect with new audiences.

Led by: Alex May with FutureEverything, British Council and Hind Joucka (artmejo)

An opportunity for a limited number of participants to take part in an artist-led creative masterclass focussing on topics such as getting started with digital technologies, artistic development tools for creative practitioners interested in digital and approaches for making art using digital and electronic media. During the session, participants will also have a chance to explore how to start with collaborations, exhibition and commissioning opportunities, and selling work. The session will present both international and local contexts.

The masterclass is suitable for emerging artists and creative practitioners in Jordan with an
interest in digital media.

DAY 3 – Wednesday 23 February

Watch recording of Day 3 now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nQ9L3whxYA

Digital art for all?
Speakers: Louise Hargreaves (Abandon Normal Devices), May Abdalla (Anagram) and Eddie Hasweh

Digital technologies can enable cultural organisations and artists to reach audiences in unconventional ways and create immersive experiences, and new engagement opportunities. They also have potential in attracting new, younger audiences, enabling collaboration and playfulness, but also critical thinking and new perspectives engaging with artefacts and environments. Technology can act as a marketing tool, a conversation starter, sometimes also an attention-grabber that could nonetheless lead to deeper and meaningful engagement.

This session brings together leading art practitioners and experts sharing case studies of digital art practices and experimental work that creates outstanding audience experiences, as well as examples of engaging with audiences with immersive, multisensory, interactive, and socially engaged experiences (online and physical).

What happens to art during a pandemic
Speakers: Rachel Gadsden, Andrei Snobar and Suha Lallas

The past couple of years, as the pandemic hit us, the arts turned to the internet to continue activity and pre-pandemic operations, and keep connected to their audiences. Although it’s well known that art institutions and artists have been active and creating online long before the pandemic, with ongoing lockdowns and restrictions for two years now, the internet presented an opportunity to suddenly move the whole art world online, from exhibitions, performances, screenings and talks to commercial art fairs and sales.

With an increase of art activity and digital spaces online and a focus on hybrid ways of working – and if the internet is where one can find work by most artists – what is the impact on artistic practices and what does the future hold for traditional art spaces and

Better together? Partnerships in art and technology
Speakers: Anna Dumitriu, and Raya Sharbain (Jordan Open Source Association)

Art can play a significant role in helping us see the bigger picture, expand our horizons, and interrogate the world and society. When art is taken outside art domains and being part of wider conversations and other layers of society, it can become a powerful tool and catalyst for change. Partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations are vital in opening up new possibilities and ways of thinking. But what makes art and technology partnerships or collaborations work? What are the benefits for bringing together people from different disciplines and sectors and what could the potential challenges be?

This session explored partnership and collaboration models by sharing case studies in the UK and Jordan, as well as learnings and lessons for successful future arts and tech

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Dar Al Anda: أنا


Taking my finger prints for a residency renewal opened my eyes the relation between me and identify, an interesting art exhibition by Nadia Fleeh

نادية قالت عن معرضها:(‎أنا….!!! كيف يكون إنطباع الفنان حين يأخذون له فيش وتشبيه.؟…. تجربه بقيت معي وأستوقفتني كثيرا . حيث اني وانا أجدد اقامتي باحدى الدول العربية كعراقية، تفاجأت أنهم اخذوا بصمات اصابعي كلها كفيش وتشبيه … هل هو اجراء متعارف عليه ام لكوني عراقية مثلا …. حينها تمازج الشعور في داخلي . من ناحية كنت رافضة داخليا للأجراء المبالغ به وهذه العملية استفزتني . ومن ناحية اخرى احببته فقد داعب حبي لمهنتي حيث انهم كانوا يستخدمون رولات واحبار الطباعة ذاتها التي نستخدمها بطباعة الكرافيك كما ان العملية هي طباعة كرافيكية بحتة . هنا وفي هذه اللحظة ولدت فكرة معرضي الثامن … ((( أنا )) … هل كنت انا حين اخذت بصماتي ؟؟؟ … المتأكدة منه اني كنت أنا بين قطع معرضي)


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Orient Gallery: Forgotten As If You Never Were

Forgotten As If You Never Were
تُنسـى كأنّـك لم تـكن

“تُنسـى كأنّـك لم تـكن”
التعلق بمعنى النسيان “كحبّ عابر”، “كوردة في الليل”، “شخصاً ونصاً”، “منْ سيقولُ شعراً”، “أمام البيت”، “أثراً وحدساً”، “الطريق”، “نثر الكلام الذهبيّ”، “منْ سيتبعني؟”، “حديقة الذاكرة” .. :كلّ الذي مرّ ليس عناوين قصائد في ديوان طريّ، لكنّها أسماء لوحات الفنّان عبّاس يوسف التي أنجزهـا فيما كان متعلّقاً بمعنى النسيـان، لا النسيان نفسه، إذ أن المصدر الغنّي للنفس في حضور الأشياء لا الأشياء نفسها، في عمليّة معقدّة، يتسابق فيها حضور الشيء ومعناه، وصورة اللوحة وتأويلها، ومهمة اللوحة ومهمة معناها، التمدد في الأولى والتوقّف في الثانية، نميّز على إثرها الفنان من غيره، أقصد الفنّ من غيره أيضاً. ليست أسماء اللوحات -في الأعلى- تأويلاً لها، لكنهّا شيئاً رهيفاً جداً من تعلّق عباس يوسف بمعنى النسيان كحالةً يوميّةً. رأيتُه يضع معنىً جديداً للنسيان مقاوماً للنسيان نفسه، يحمله، يتعلّق به وبمعناه، في كلّ لحظات إنتاج لوحاته، حتى أظُنّ أن الذي ينظر إليها يستطيع أن يلمسها بنظره ولا ينسى.
حسين المحروس
كاتب وفوتوغرافي

Clinging to the meaning of oblivion through phrases such as Fleeting Love, A Rose in the Night, A Person and a Script, Who Will Recite Poetry? In Front Of The House, Impact and Intuition, The Path, Golden Prose, Who Will Follow Me? The Garden of Memory – None of these phrases are the titles of poems in a charming compilation, but the names of the paintings by artist Abbas Yousif. Each painting was completed at a time when Yousif was fascinated with the meaning of oblivion, not oblivion itself, given that the rich source of the soul is in the presence of things and not the things themselves. It is a complex process, with things racing between the presence of things and their meaning, the image of the painting and its interpretation, the mission of the painting and the mission of its meaning, elaborating the former and posing at the latter. This allows us to distinguish the artist from others and his art from others. The names of the paintings are not an interpretation of them, but very delicate reflections of Yousif’s attachment to the meaning of oblivion as a daily event. I saw him give new meaning to oblivion, resisting oblivion itself, carrying it, relating to it and its meaning, during each moment of creating his paintings, so that whoever looks at them can touch them with their eyes and never forget them.
Hussein Al Mahrous
Writer and photographer

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Patrick Tresset: Human Study #1


A unique chance to experience Patrick Tresset’s new Human Study #1, Distanced.

In this performance, a participant sits in front of their computer in a Google Meet session, and their image is transported into the artwork in Patrick’s studio in Brussels to be drawn by an RNP robot.

During the session, a video artwork is generated from a visualization of the robot’s internal processes and live-streamed.

Human Study #1 is an installation where the human becomes an actor. In a scene reminiscent of a life drawing class, the human takes the sitter’s role to be sketched by a robot. The robot, a stylised minimal artist, is only capable of drawing obsessively. Its eye focuses on the subject or looks at the drawing in progress. The drawing session lasts for 15 minutes, during which time the human cannot see the drawing in progress. The sitter only sees the robot alternating between observing and drawing, sometimes pausing.

The sitter is in an ambivalent position, at the mercy of the robot’s scrutiny, but also as an object of artistic attention. Although immobile, the model is active in keeping the pose, for spectators the sitter is an integral part of the installation.

The RNP robot was originally developed by Patrick Tresset to palliate a debilitating painter’s block. It could be seen as a creative prosthetic or a behavioural self-portrait. Even if the way the robot RNP draws is based on Tresset’s technique, its style is not a pastiche of Tresset’s, but rather an interpretation influenced by the robot’s characteristics.

The performance will be followed by a 20-minute presentation/talk by the artist and Q&A facilitated by Hind Joucka and Irini Papadimitriou.

*An earlier version of this installation was produced for the 2020 edition of the South African National Arts Festival, for Creativate curated by Lauren Fletcher.

About the artist

Patrick Tresset is a Brussels-based artist who, in his work, explores human traits and the aspects of human experience. His work reflects recurrent ideas such as embodiment, passing time/time passing, childhood, conformism, obsessiveness, nervousness, the need for storytelling, and mark-making. He is best known for his performative installations using robotic agents as stylized actors that make marks and for his exploration of the drawing practice using computational systems and robots. He attended Goldsmiths College, London, for a master’s degree and then an MPhil in arts and computational technologies. Aside from his artistic practice, in 2013, he was a senior visiting research fellow at Konstanz University and is currently an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Canberra. His past research work is referenced in more than a hundred academic publications in various fields (computational graphics, drawing, psychology, AI, robotics).

His works have featured in numerous media, including; Art press, Art review, Beaux art, Frieze, Arte, Form, Wired, Vice, BBC, DeWelle, Le monde, New York Times.

About the performance:

Date: Tuesday, January 25th
Time: 7:00 PM
Stream performance here

Follow the artist:
Website | Instagram

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MMAG Foundation: Open Studios

استديوهات مفتوحة

✰ 22-23 / 1 / 2022 ✰
16:00 – 19:00
ندعوكم للانضمام إلى فنانينا حيث يشاركون أعمالهم ويفتحون استوديوهاتهم للعامة للمرة الأخيرة قبل انتهاء إقامتهم الفنية في المؤسسة. نستقبلكم يومي السبت والأحد: 22 إلى 23 كانون الثاني 2022 في المؤسسة من الساعة الرابعة مساءً وحتى السابعة ليلاً.
الفنّانون والمجموعات المُستضيفة، هم: أحمد تركي، أفلام عمّان، إسماعيل عبد الرّحمن جيل، إطار فني، “الانترنت ١٨٠٠”، تغميس، تالا عبد الهادي، “تالا”،  فيصل ارشيدات، ديما مُصلح، ليث طراونة، رزان مبيضين، ريما شتات، لينا خالد، سارة الجزرة، مالك توماس جليل كيد،تيما ابو حاكمة، حمزات تحبسم، عبّود رواجبة، مايكرو راديو، جنجن، زيد أبو عيسى.
لسلامتكم: يرجى إظهار بطاقة تطعيم سارية المفعول. يجب ارتداء الأقنعة الواقية في جميع مساحات مؤسسة محمد وماهرة أبو غزالة (الداخلية و الخارجية). نرجو من الجميع مراعاة قاعدة التباعد الاجتماعي بالحفاظ على مسافة مترين.

We invite you to join our artists in residence as they open their studios to the public one last time before the end of their residency. The open studios will take place on Saturday and Sunday, January 22 to 23, 2022 from 4-7 pm
The hosting artists and collectives: Aboud Rawajbeh, Ahmad Turki, Amman Films, Dima Mosleh,ِ Etar Fani, Faisal Rusheidat, Hammzat Tahabism, Ismael Abder-Rahman Gil, Jinjin, Laith Tarawneh, Lina Khalid, Malik Thomas Jalil Kydd, micro.radio, Razan Mubaideen, Reema Shatat, Sara El-Jazzara, Taghmees, Tala Abdulhadi, TALA, Tayma Abu Hakmeh, Zaid Abu-Issa, and 1800s internet.
For your safety: Visitors should present a valid vaccination card. Masks are required inside all the foundation’s indoor buildings and outdoor spaces. Social distancing rules should be observed by maintaining a two-meter distance.

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Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts: Diva!

“Diva!” Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery
“ديفا!” سحر المجوهرات الإيطالية المميزة”

The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
The Embassy of Italy in Jordan
Cordially invite you to the opening of
“Diva!” Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery”
at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – Building 2
The exhibition is open for the public from Thursday morning 27 January 2022
The exhibition continues until 26 February 2022.

المتحف الوطني الاردني للفنون الجميلة
السفارة الايطالية في الاردن
يتشرفون بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح معرض
“ديفا!” سحر المجوهرات الإيطالية المميزة”
في المتحف الوطني الاردني للفنون الجميلة – مبنى 2
نستقبلكم لزيارة المعرض اعتباراً من صباح يوم الخميس 27 كانون الثاني 2022
يستمر المعرض حتى 26 شباط 2022.

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Manara Arts & Culture: In Transit by Yamuna Matheswaran

In Transit by Yamuna Matheswaran

Exhibition is extended to January 31st | يستمر المعرض حتى 31 كانون الثاني

Curated by artmejo and presented at Manara Arts & Culture, we are pleased to announce the public showcasing of In Transit, a collection of paintings made by visual artist and journalist Yamuna Matheswaran.

The exhibition is comprised of 28 paintings and will be on display from December 6th, 2021 on the second floor of Manara Arts & Culture.

In Transit

In this series, composed primarily of watercolour paintings, Indian visual artist Yamuna Matheswaran explores the state of being perpetually in transit, and accompanying questions of belonging, home, and temporariness.

On the one hand, she has found that movement can offer the highest form of freedom, and a sense of belonging that transcends socio-cultural boundaries. The awareness of our limited time often leads to a more intense experience of a place. On the other hand, it sometimes leads to the inhabiting of a different sort of reality—a state of being in transit—isolated from the worlds that you physically reside in. At the heart of it all is the idea of home. Does ‘home’ have to do with relationships, history, and time spent in a place—or is it a place that allows you to fully be yourself? To what extent does this influence your need to take flight, and what are you hoping to find? What stories and places do each of us carry within us that are different from the external spaces that we inhabit?

About the Artist

Yamuna Matheswaran is a visual artist and journalist from Chennai, India. A self-taught artist, she is drawn to everyday subjects, and primarily works with watercolours, gouache, and ink. Yamuna was raised in six cities across India—a way of life that has shaped her perspective in significant ways—and since 2010 has lived in Denver, Delhi, Jerusalem, Germany, and Bangalore. Several of the works featured in this exhibition were created during a year-long journey across the Balkans and Germany, culminating in Amman.

Yamuna’s writing and art have appeared on Atlas Obscura, Dutch comics journalism platform Drawing the Times, The Hindu, New internationalist, and elsewhere. She holds an MA in International Studies from the University of Denver.

View online exhibition here.

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Wadi Finan Art Gallery: Mixed Palette

Mixed Palette

Wadi Finan Art Gallery
presents our upcoming exhibition
“Mixed Palette” A collective exhibition

On Saturday 9/1/2022
Daily 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday- Thursday

Ahlan wa Sahlan

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MMAG Foundation: Self Led Residency

Self-Led Residency
إقامة فنية حرة

تُعلن مؤسّسة محمّد وماهرة أبو غزالة عن فتح باب الدعوة للفنّانين للمشاركة في برنامج الإقامة الحرة المُزمع عقده في عمّان في ١٣ فبراير/شباط وحتّى 13 نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني ٢٠٢٢.
الموعد النهائي لاستلام الطلبات هو ٢٠ يناير/كانون الثاني ٢٠٢٢!
يستجيب برنامج الإقامة لحاجة مُلحّة بتزويد الفنّانين المقيمين في الأردن بمساحة خاصّة وآمنة وبيئة عملٍ مُشتركة ترعى دوافعهم الفنّيّة وتُلبّي متطلّباتهم العمليّة للمساعدة في الحفاظ على ممارسة فنية مستقلّة. ورغم أنّ الإقامة تقتضي في الأساس إدارة ذاتيّة، إلّا أنّ المقيمين سيحظون بدعمٍ وإرشادٍ متواصلين من فريق المؤسّسة.
سيوفّر البرنامج الذي يمتدّ على مدار تسعة أشهر لعشرة مقيمين مساحة استوديو خاصّة، ومساحة معيشة، وإمكانيّة الوصول إلى مختبرات واستوديوهات المؤسّسة المتنوّعة (استوديو الرسم، استوديو التسجيل، الحديقة، غرفة التحميض ذات الطابع البيئي النسوي، مكتبة عمّان الصُّغرى، مختبر المطبخ). سيُيسّر البرنامج كذلك رحلة سفر إلى خارج الأردن لكلّ مقيم، بما يشمل التذكرة، والفيزا، ومحلّ الإقامة.
🔵معايير الأهليّة🔵
هذه الدعوة المفتوحة مُوجّهة للفنّانين والقيّمين الفنّيين والباحثين المقيمين في الأردن والمنطقة، ممّن باشروا سلفًا بتطوير اتّجاهٍ في ممارساتهم الفنية بعد إتمامهم مرحلة البكالوريوس أو الدراسات العُليا، أو ممّن راكموا خبرة فنية خارج إطار المؤسّسات التعليميّة. هذه دعوة مفتوحة للأفراد أو الجماعات من كافّة التخصّصات والخلفيّات الإبداعيّة.
نموذج التقديم: بإمكانكم التقديم فقط من خلال تعبئة النموذج الإلكتروني.

The MMAG Foundation announces an open call for artists to participate in a self-led residency program in Amman from February 13, 2022, through November 13, 2022.
The deadline for applications is January 20, 2022.
The self-led residency program responds to an urgent need to provide artists in Jordan with a safe, private space and communal working environment that nurtures their artistic motivations and fulfills their practical necessities to help sustain an independent art practice. While the residency is mainly self-directed, the residents will be provided with constant support and guidance by the MMAG team.
The program will run for nine months and will provide ten residents with a private studio space, living space, and access to the various labs and studios at the foundation (drawing studio, recording studio, garden, eco-feminist darkroom, lesser amman library, kitchen laboratory). The program will also facilitate an individual research trip abroad for each resident, covering the costs of the flight, visa, and accommodation.
🔵Eligibility criteria🔵
This open call is geared toward independent artists, curators, or researchers based in Jordan and the region, who have already begun to develop a direction in their practice after completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or have accumulated an artistic practice outside an educational institution. It is open to individuals or collectives from all creative disciplines and backgrounds.
Application: You can only apply by filling in the online form.

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