NOFA Creative Space: Art Exhibition by Mohammed Abd El Hadi

Nofa Creative Space is pleased to invite you to the opening of an art exhibition by artist Mohammed Abd El Hadi.

Saturday, October 19th at 6:30pm
((Free Entry))
The exhibition will run until Friday, November 15th

Our Gallery Opening hours daily from 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Friday off
For more information, please call us at 0777401222

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Institut Francais: Digital Museum: Pablo Picasso, A Funny Painter

Activité jeunesse: Pablo Picasso, un peintre rigolo
Venez découvrir l’Art en vous amusant au musée numérique ! (à partir de 5 ans)

Youth activities: Pablo Picasso, a funny painter
Discover Art while having fun at the digital museum! (from 5 years old)

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JNGFA: In/Out Public Art Festival

IN / OUT Public Art Festival | مهرجان داخل / خارج فن الأماكن العامة

“فن من قبل الناس ومن أجلهم في فضاء مشترك الا وهو الشارع”

داخل / خارج، المهرجان االعالمي للفن العام – هو مبادرة من منصة “مصنع” تهدف لخلق طرق جديدة للتفكير بالعلاقة بين الفن والمجتمع والعامة والمتاحف والمؤسسات من خلال التداخلات الفنية. يشتمل مهرجان هذا العام على33 مشروعًا فنيًا تم اختيارها من بين أكثر من 100مشروع من الأردن والخارج، من قبل لجنة علمية عالمية من خلال دعوة مفتوحة من منصة “مصنع” / المتحف الوطني الأردني للفنون الجميلة. يحتوي المهرجان على ورش عمل وحوارات فنية دائمة البحث عن االتداخلات الفنية من أجل ثقافة ديمقراطية.
تأتي جميع المشاريع من خلفيات فنية مختلفة، وتتنوع بين الفنون الأدائية والموسيقى والرقص المعاصر والفيديو آرت والإسقاطات الضوئية والتصوير الفوتوغرافي والنحت والإنشاءات الفراغية والجرافيتي، التي تدور حول مواضيع اجتماعية واقتصادية وبيئية تمس المجتمع المحلي، ليتم تنفيذها في الأماكن العامة في كل من جبل اللويبدة وحي العبدلي ولتكون متاحة للجمهور طوال فترة المهرجان.

“An art, by and for the people, in the common space that is the street.”

IN/OUT, International public art festival is an initiative from FACTORY for cultural mediation to establish new ways of thinking about the relationship between art, society, public, museums and institutions. This year’s festival includes 33 art projects selected from more than 100 participating projects from Jordan and abroad. All projects are selected by an international scientific committee through an open call from FACTORY by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The program is implemented with workshops and talks always in search of mediation for the democratization of culture.
All projects come from different backgrounds of art, performance, music, contemporary dance, video art, projections, photography, sculpture, installations and graffiti, all going around social, economic and environmental topics that touch the local community, to be implemented in public areas in Jabal Al Weibdeh and Abdali district to be available to the public throughout the festival period.

الفنانين المشاركين | Participating Artists

عمرو المغربي- Amr El Maghraby
البيت العشوائي- Albaitil Ashwai
بلوز وبنطلون – Blues O Bantaloon
ديمة شاهين – Deema Shahin
درم جام – Drum Jam
أريج حنيطي – Areej Huniti
إليزا جولدوكس – Eliza Goldox
روجي ياماجوتشي – Ryuji Yamaguchi
علاءالدين رحمة – Alaeddin Rahmeh
عاصم الخوجة – Asem Al Khojah
جعفر الجابي – Jafar Aljabi
جمان النمري – Juman Nimri
ليلى الطويل – Laila Al Taweel
لينا صلاح – Lina Salah
ميرامار النيار – Miramar Al Nayyar
أنس الحوراني – Anas Al Horani
نادي الضجيج البائس – Miserable Noise Club
نايف الزبن – Nayif el Zaben
ريما شتات – Reema Shatat
ياسمين صبري – Yasmeen Sabri
أحمد سلامة – Ahmad Salameh
أيلول – Ayloul
مايك ديرديريان – Mike V. Derderian
ستوديو 8 – Studio 8
نيلين – NiliN
رانيا عاطف – Rania Atef
منير سعيد – Mounir Saeed
إلينا مونليون (ماو) – Elena Monleon (Mau)
جوان بابلو (ماواتريس) – (Juan Pablo (MawaTres)
بول ويرسبنسكي – Paul Wiersbinski
سندس مهدي – Sondos Mahdy
تيتو سينا – Tito Senna
أناستاجيا ديلادوفا – Anastasija Delidova
علاءالدين وزياد – Alaeddin & Ziad
فرقة شمس – Shams Team
دبللاكي بروداكشنز – doublelucky productions
أوكتاف – Octave

We’d like to thank our sponsors | نود أن نشكر داعمين المهرجان

امانة عمان الكبرى Greater Amman Municipality, Shoman Foundation مؤسسة عبد الحميد شومان, EUNIC Jordan, Embajada de España en Amán / السفارة الأسبانية في عمان, Cairo Amman Bank, Markazia – Toyota Jordan المركزية – تويوتا الأردن, AbuShakra Trading Company, Live Audio Works, SAE Institute – Amman, مكتبة سمير وغسان Samir & Ghassan Stationery Shop, National Paints, Al Jawareh, MH University,

Venue Sponsors | داعمين الأماكن

Boulevard Abdali, Manara Arts & Culture

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Art Therapy Workshop with Nada Abu Qaoud

3-hour Art Therapy workshop

Octoer 16, 17 or 18

Morning session: 10-1
Evening session: 6-9

At Magenta Art and Coffee house

For registration call 0776009966

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almamar: Shells

Exhibition Opening
Sunday 6 October 2019
ālmamar I 5:00 PM

Join us for the opening of “Shells”, a multimedia collaboration between ālmamar & Ayla Hibri. This site specific installation explores a collection of seashells accumulated by one of Amman’s residences over a period of 40 years.

Inspired by the collection’s varied complexities and nuances, new forms of representation will emerge through new experiential taxonomies exploring memory, nature, and transience.

The exhibition runs until 12 October 2019.

افتتاح معرض
الأحد 6 تشرين الأوّل 2019
الممر | 5:00 مساءً

إنضموا إلينا لافتتاح معرض “قوقعات”، عملاً متعدّد المواد بالتعاون ما بين الممر وأيلا هبري. يستكشف هذا الإنشاء مجموعة من الأصداف التي جمعها سكّان عمّان على مدار 40 عام.

مستوحاة من التعقيدات والفروق الدقيقة للمجموعة ، ستظهر أشكال جديدة من خلال تصنيفات تجريبية جديدة تستكشف الذاكرة والطبيعة والعبور.

يستمر المعرض لغاية 12 6 تشرين الأوّل.

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Nabad: Boutros Al Maari: Against Monotony

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia Tawfiq Tabbaa, Nabad has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of an exhibition of works by Syrian artist Boutros Al Maari entitled Against Monotony

The exhibition is held in the context of
Amman Design Week 2019: Possibilities

As usual, Boutros Al Maari does not work on one subject, but gives his brush and his ideas the freedom to choose, thus breaking the monotony and surprising us every time by combining the unusual with, occasionally, the contradictory in the same artwork. He attempts to avoid depicting the Syrian tragedy, but in fact, it inhabits details that cannot elude the viewer. In this exhibition at Nabad, Al Maari celebrates the bull, standing alone conversing with one or two marginal characters who actually reveal the whole story.

Born in 1968 in Damascus, Boutros al-Maari graduated with a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris in 2006. In addition to being a prolific painter, Al-Maari is the writer and illustrator of nine children’s books, published in Paris. He has held fourteen solo exhibitions in Paris, Beirut, Dubai and Damascus and has participated in numerous group shows in Europe and the region. A Maari’s works are currently part of an exhibition entitled, “Hommage d’artistes a Notre-Dame” at the museum of the Institut du monde Arabe in Paris. Al Maari lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

The exhibition continues through 6 November 2019

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Jacaranda Images: Tishreen by Mo Rusan

Jacaranda Images is proud to present Mo Rusan first solo exhibition TISHREEN.

Tishreen marks the season of harvest. A time when women in brightly embroidered dresses gather to pick the olive trees, a time when the land rewards its keepers.
This exhibition is a celebration of our ancestral connection to the land. It is a celebration of our traditional embroidered “Toub” (dress), adorned with stitches which themselves are a reflection of the land, its vegetation, birds and animals.
It is a reconstruction of tradition, a contemporary take on our visual identity…and a salute to the land and its people.

The exhibition features hand shaped & hammered metals (aluminum, brass and tin) as well as mixed work on paper.

This exhibition is part of Amman Design Week أسبوع عمّان للتصميم

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Wadi Finan Art Gallery: During Amman Design Week

Three Solo Exhibitions:
(Chapters) by Dodi Tabbaa
(Arabic words) by Hayan Maani
(Do you see the light?) by Hana Ghawi and Raya Kassisieh for Lamba Neon

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JNGFA: The Shapes of Water

ضمن فعاليات اسبوع عمان للتصميم 2019 وبالتعاون مع السفارة الايطالية في عمان يسعدنا حضوركم لمعرض “أشكال الماء” وهو مشروع تصميم دولي بقيادة المهندسة المعمارية سيلفانا أناتشياريكو ويروج له متحف Triennale Design ووزارة الشؤون الخارجية الإيطالية.
لطالما كانت إدارة المياه واستخدامها قضايا ذات أهمية في التخطيط. ومع ذلك، نظرًا لأن المياه الصالحة للشرب يُنظر إليها على أنها مورد محدود، فقد أصبحت أكثر فأكثر مسألة تصميم – ثمينة كسلعة، وعنصر تجاري – وحالة من الجودة.
تعد مشكلة ندرة المياه ومحاولات الترويج للاستخدام الرشيد لهذا المورد مسألة بالغة الأهمية للأردن.

As part of Amman Design Week 2019 events, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Jordan will be hosting an exhibition entitled “Shapes of Water” which is an international design project led by architect Silvana Annicchiarico, and promoted by Triennale Design Museum and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Water governance and its use have always been issues of planning interest. However, since water-to-drink is perceived as a limited resource, it has become more and more a matter of design – precious as a commodity, business element – and a status of quality. The scarcity of water and the attempts to promote an increasingly rational use of this resource is an extremely important issue for Jordan.

Join us from 4-12 October 2019 at the The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts building 2.

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Pandazilla: Everybody is born an artist

Everybody is born an artist!
Pandazilla is going to be part of @ammandesignweek by hosting nine days full of street art workshops for anyone who wants to explore their inner artist. Have a chance to talk to major local artists and know their process and journey.
Workshops will start from 4th of October till the 12th of October everyday!

Join us by following the form linked below and sign up to workshops that you might like.
Everybody is born an artist!
Participating Artists:
@suhaib_attar @yara.hindawi @sed_ghoush @_sara.allan_ @amaneehasan @chaf.41 @miramar.muhd
( free workshop )

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