Wadi Finan: Opaque Transparency by Wijdan

وادي فينان للفنون
يتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح
“ضبابية شفافة”

يوم الأربعاء 11/09/2019 الساعة السابعة مساءً
يستمر المعرض لغاية الاثنين الموافق 2019/9/30
يومياً 9:00 7:00 مساءً، من السبت – إلى الخميس
أهلا و سهلا

Wadi Finan Art Gallery
cordially invites you to attend
the opening of Solo Exhibition

“Opaque transparency”


Wednesday, 11/09/2019 at 7:00 pm
Exhibition continues through 30/9/2019
Daily 9:00am – 7:00 pm, Saturday-Thursday
Ahlan wa Sahlan

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Wadi Finan: Um by Nissa Raad Exhibition

Mark your calendars on the 11th of June for “UM” art exhibition by artist Nissa Raad!

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Wadi Finan: 'Mixed Palette 5' Group Exhibition

Wadi Finan invites you to its new group exhibition entitled ‘Mixed Palette 5’.

Running From 4th May until 16th May.

@Wadi Finan

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Wadi Finan: Exhibition "Pathways 2" by Resmi Alkafaji

Wadi Finan cordially invites you to the new solo exhibition “Pathways 2” by Resmi Alkafaji, under the patronage of H.R.H Princess Rajwa Bint Ali.

Opening 6/4/19 at 6pm and running until 28/4/19

Open daily 9:00 am to 19:00 pm Saturday-Thursday.

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Wadi Finan: 'Transcendence'

وادي فينان للفنون
يتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح
المعرض التركيبي
للفنانة التشكيلية
ياسمين صبري
يوم الجمعة 1/3/2019 الساعة الخامسة مساءً
يستمر المعرض لغاية الخميس الموافق 28/3/2019
يوميا 9:00 – 7:00 مساءً ما عدا يوم الجمعة
اهلا و سهلا

Wadi Finan Art Gallery
Cordially invites you to attend
The opening of
Immersive installations by
Yasmeen Sabri
Friday, 1/3/2019 at 5:00 pm
Exhibition continues through 28/3/2019
Daily 9:00am – 7:00 pm except Fridays
Ahlan wa Sahlan

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Wadi Finan Gallery: 'Color outside the Lines'

A Group Exhibition held at the W Hotel, all proceeds of which will go to the benefit of King Hussein Cancer Center.

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Solo Exhibition by Ayyad Al Nimer

Born and raised in Egypt, Alnimer graduated from his bachelors program with honors from the Fine Arts Academy in Cairo and soon after graduation, he relocated to Jordan with his wife to begin his career as an artist. Alnimer relocated to the United States in 1989, but has stayed in touch with the Middle East through multiple exhibitions across Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, as well as in North American and European countries such as, Britain, France, Holland, and Spain. His work can be seen at the National Museum of Jordan. Alnimer currently resided in the United States where he has exhibited in New York, Palm Beach Florida, Washington DC, Carmel, and San Francisco. As such, he is one of the leading artists in Jordan, being recognized as having impacted the revival of art through teaching the next generation of artists for ten years, and becoming a published author of works concerning art education.

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Moments by Mohanad Orabi

 لحظات للفنان السوري مهند عرابي

تدور فكرة المعرض حول اللحظات التي نمر بها و نعيشها التي تنقل الشخص من مشاعر الى مشاعر أخرى، و حاول الفنان تصوير هذه اللحظات و التعبير عن المشاعر التي يحس بها خلالها، اللحظة هي بكل ما فيها سواء لحظة حب او انتظار او انتقال من مكان لاخر و عدم الاستقرار

و يكتشف الانسان هذه اللحظة و يحاول ان يستمتع بها و يقدر قيمتها

ازداد استخدام الألوان في اللوحات اكثر مع الوقت مع وجود كثافة في اللون خاصة الأزرق و الأحمر مما اثر على أجواء اللوحة و جعلها اكثر تفاؤلاّ و فرحاّ في دعوة للتامل و اللاستمتاع بالحياة

الحالة الأساسية كانت باستخدام الألوان بشكل مكثف على الكانفاس المدود على الأرض و من خلال اندماجها في الماء يقوم الفنان بتفريغ كل المشاعر و العواطف التي يشعر بها لتظهر تدريجياّ ملامح اللوحة و اللحظة المطلوبة

اعمال الفنان أحيانا تميل للواقعية و أحيانا للخيال، و بالرغم من التوتر الذي نعيشه و الظروف الصعبة التي تخلق حالة من الفوضى، يقوم بالتركيز على المشاعر و اللحظات من خلال طفلة صغيرة بوجها الجميل، ببراءتها و ابتسامتها، لتترك اثر من الراحة و تخلق نوع من التوازن في اللوحة لايصال الامل و البهجة الى الحياة

Moments, by Syrian Artist Mohanad Orabi

The idea of the exhibition revolves around the moments we experience and live, which move the person from feelings to other feelings. The artist tries to portray these moments and express what he feels during them. The moment is all that is in it, whether it is a moment of love or waiting or moving from one place to another. Instability …

The person discovers this moment and tries to enjoy and value it.

The use of colors in the paintings increased over time with an intensity in especially blue and red, which influence the atmosphere of the painting and made it more optimistic and joyful in the hope to enjoy life.

The base was the use of colors intensively on the canvas on the ground and through the integration into water, the artist empties all the emotions that he feels to gradually show the features of the painting and the captured moment.

The works of the artist sometimes tend to be realistic and sometimes to imaginary, and despite the tension we live and the difficult conditions that create a state of chaos, he focuses on feelings and moments through a young girl with her beautiful face, innocence and smile, to leave some peace and create a balance In the painting to deliver hope and joy in life

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Wadi Finan: Majestic Play

Wadi Finan: Majestic Play

Under the patronage of H.R.H. Princess Rajwa Bint Ali Wadi Finan Art Gallery cordially invites you to attend the opening of Solo Exhibition “Majestic Play” by Artist Khaldoun Hijazin.

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