Curation of Yazan Setabouha's Solo Exhibition 'Entities'

تنظيم معرض 'كينونات' الشخصي للفنان يزن ست أبوها

We curated Jordanian artist and architect Yazan Setabouha’s first solo exhibition under the title ‘Entities’ at Blue Fig Restaurant. Setabouha is greatly interested in minimalism, expressionism and one-line art and is known for his one-line method of twisting, bending and sculpting wires to create three-dimensional ‘drawings’.

He draws distorted figures from his own observations of people around him, affected thoroughly by their facial expressions and the backstories he creates for each character he imagines or sees. Inspired by nature, energy and Renaissance thought, Setabouha generally likes to experiment a lot through art and its wide forms of application – creating; art installations, recycled furniture, video art and collages. Video by Salim Salameh.