Misk Art Week in Riyadh

مهرجان مسك للفنون في الرياض

artmejo had the pleasure of participating at Misk Art Week 2018, which was held at Durrat Arriyadh in Saudi Arabia from October 30 to November 3 and was organized by the Misk Art Institute of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Foundation (Misk).

More than 250 artists were featured in the five-day event, which focused on the Kingdom’s artistic development and cultural orientation, and included a range of creative schools in visual arts, sculpture and innovation.

Our team got the chance to present the work we’ve been doing in Jordan and the region, and to announce the launch of our online magazine featuring writers from different parts of the world.

Editor in Chief and artist Sama Shahrouri, graduate of Sculpture Art from the University of Jordan, gave 4 Clay and Recycled Paper workshops to more than 140 participants as part of the event. It was an enriching experience that has helped build a bridge between Jordanian and Saudi artists. The participants were able to express themselves freely and experiment with different sculpture techniques, while letting their creative side take over.

Sculpture workshops

Clay Sculpture Workshops

In this 1-hour sculpture course, participants were introduced to clay and its tools as an artistic medium. A small theoretical aspect was involved as each participant was presented with an image of a Saudi National landmark and asked to reimagine it sculpturally.

Recycled Paper Sculpture Workshops

In this 1-hour sculpture course, participants used recycled paper and discarded material to create sculptural work. Each student was presented with a different image of famous sculptures and was asked to come up with a sculpture of their own inspired by the famous works (figurative or abstract).

كان من دواعي سرور آرتميجو المشاركة في مسك آرت ٢٠١٨ الذي عقد في الرياض، المملكة العربية السعودية من تنظيم معهد مسك للفنون. وخلال الأسبوع عقدت آرتميجو ٤ ورش عمل للنحت الطيني والورقي المعاد تدويره ل١٤٠ مشارك مع الفنانة سما شحروري بالإضافة إلى حديث علني لهند الجقة متحدثةً عن جهود آرتميجو لنشر للفن العربي في العالم