Beirut Art Fair ran from September 20th – September 23rd. This year, artmejo joined forces with gallerygirlldn’s Lizzy who took us on a journey throughout the fair and showed us around. Let us see her best picks:

Basir Mahmood at Letitia (Beirut based):

Mahmoud is a Pakistani photographer who likes to comment on the simple things that affect everyone. In this work, part of a huge diptych, Mahmoud looks at what it means, and whether it is possible, to divide food equally.

Hamed Sinno et Un de ses Frères by Alireza Shojaian presented by ARTLAB Beirut:

Painted in reaction to the events at Mashrou Leila’s Cairo concert. The painting was accompanied by a quote by John Berger that read:

I can’t tell you what art does or why it does it, but I know that art often judged the judges, pleaded revenge to the innocents, and shown to the future what the past has suffered, so that it can never be suffered.

Rahel Guiragossian’s dress alongside a painting by her father Emmanuel Guiragossian:

Rahel is a fashion designer, who is deeply influenced by her family’s artistic history. There is a spotlight exhibition in this year’s Beirut Art Fair on her grandfather Paul Guiragossian, one of Lebanon’s best loved painters. In addition to the spotlight on Paul Guiragossian, the paintings of his children and grandchildren: Emmanuel, Mark and Paul, as well as Rahel’s designs, are on display via Emma Goss Gallery.

Artist Unknown exhibited in Across Boundaries:

Unknown photograph, 1930’s, exhibited in Across Boundaries, the central exhibition in the fair, that comprises Lebanese photography past and present. Curated by Tarek Nahas.

Marc Padeu at Voodart Gallery (Cameroon):

This work offers a new perspective on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. The director explained that the series was a comment on how the King is revered as a god within society.

Hiba Schabaz at Twelve Gates Arts (USA):

Hiba Schabaz is a Pakistani artist working in Brooklyn, New York. She puts a feminine and modern touch on the traditional technique of miniature painting.

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