AMMAN – The long wait is over and Amman Design Week is here! Running from 4 – 12 October, Possibilities is taking over the city and artmejo will be there to cover every bit of it!

To kick off the event, we reached out to a few participants and asked them to send in teaser pictures of their products and describe them in 25 words or less. Here’s what they had to say:


The Hangar Exhibition

Sahel AlHiyari:
The work is a direct reflection of how we perceive and conceive that which surrounds us. It does not attempt to position itself within the confines of a specific use or meaning.

Bassam Huneidi:
The Argeileh Project is a systems-based approach to addressing the huge environmental problem of discarding roughly 430,000,000 disposable argeileh pipes i the Arab world annually.

Bisher Tabbaa:
Earth Chair urges our region to reconsider the use of a material that is abundant, low cost, low tech, and keeps buildings cool in our climate.

Fadi Zumot:
The fashion industry can be a world consumed by shallow visuals and social media. This piece allows the viewer to touch, read, slow down, and be intimate with what is in front of them.

“Ammo Nemer, my father is asking if may I borrow two comic books?”
“Sure, but bring them back by the end of the day!”

Omar Sartawi:
A new building material that can’t get anymore Jordanian.

Lena Kassicieh:
Lena Kassicieh’s ceramics are inspired by bright, candy-like colors and mundane symbols from daily life, like phone cords and ant hills.

Taghlib Oweis:
Unique stone sculptures.

The Student Exhibition

Under mentorship of Nour Nsheiwat:

Sara Sunna:
One simple line can construct a furniture piece.

Deema Mosleh:
Plastic bags sadly never disappear.

Farah Yameen:
A flower of three petals inspired me so much.

Fawwaz Kresha:
Retire on an old tire.

Rami Sukkar:
Gaming from a perfectly comfortable place.

Lujain Hattar:
In a city, Mother Earth turned into a concrete figure.

Under mentorship of twelve degrees:

Jana Tantash:
Introducing biophilic design into school classrooms, which consolidates human connection with nature, in a built environment. To promote health, growth and a positive attitude towards education.

Future Food/Future City

Ban and Zeid Edilbi:
‘Design your own Public Space’ is a modular system designed to empower users to take an active role in designing their own public space.

Greening the Camps:
Greening the Camps created modular system structures, used as information booths/food kiosks, and will be reused as urban rooftop farms in Gaza Camp, Jerash.


Crafts District

Najla’a Abdallah:
aleia, a contemporary take on the classic rocking chair.

Yazeed Balqar:
First coined by Buckminster Fuller, a mathematician and scientist, tensegrity structures operate by having both tension and compression to hold isolated solid members in space.

Sama El Saket:
Clay has the potential to produce a great diversity of forms, re-thinking the traditional form of the vessel is an opportunity to engage in a dialogue between the handmade, digital and industrial techniques.

Material Innovation

twelve degrees:
Made From Jordan is material innovation project resulting from an 8 month exploration of Jordanian raw materials and developing them into a strong & biodegradable new material.

Sama Shahrouri:
Is that plastic, clay, starch or rosemary? It may be dairy!

Christin Mannewitz:
For the Crafts District, Christin Mannewitz presents wall and acoustic panels made out of organic waste material.

Katja Lonzeck:
Katja Lonzeck is a designer based in Kassel, Germany, where she currently studies product design at the art academy. Her design focus is on material research and development, and lately on sustainable biological based matter.

Lisa Schreiber:
Lisa Schreiber is a textile design student based in Kassel, Germany. Her explorations attempt to connect older crafts and forgotten knowledge with experimental materials in order to bring them into our current time. With sustainability always in mind, she gives value to fair and environmentally friendly processes and natural materials.

Jordan Script Routes

Hussein Alazaat:
Bringing Peace to the world with Arabic calligraphy.

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