Diego Valazquez, Las Meninas, Oil on Canvas, 318x276cm,1656 (wiki.org)

We are all believers in hope somehow, and this couple was no different. They are just starting their beautiful journey together as a married couple. Hope, is a philanthropist who believes in bettering the world one step at a time. Whether it is through saving the animals, recycling plastic, saving the planet or helping out families in need. She believed in bigger things, and always wanted to give back to her community. Her drive and passion for giving back one act of kindness at a time drove her to start her own charity. She wanted to help as much as she could whenever she could. She came from a well off family, her parents owned hotels all around the world; so she lived very comfortably, and that instilled a sense of giving back within her.

Xavier was different. He was a filmmaker who traveled around the world one movie at a time. You could say, he was a big deal in the movie industry. He came from a middle class family, and worked his way to gain his success, and it paid off. Everyone wants him to be part of their movie projects. Of course, he always picked the ones that resonated with him as a person, and a Disney movie or two.  The only thing they had in common was their love of giving back to their communities. That’s how they met, he attended one of her charity events. Their connection was instant. They clicked in all ways possible. It was beautiful to watch. Their eyes never left one another.

I think they both knew, they were meant to be from that first meeting.

After two years of dating, they decided to get married. They had found their forever partner and decided to cement it, make it a forever and start their own little family. Fast forward, they had survived two years of the married life. It was beautiful, messy, challenging and worth every second. They were together and that’s all that mattered to them.

His job kept him moving around the world, whether it was London, Finland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. They just kept moving around. Her job didn’t change, she just decided to expand her charity on a global basis and help out wherever she could, and raise awareness the best way she knew how.

Their constant traveling, and moving around got her into journaling and writing, and so she documented everything they experienced, from the northern lights, the great barrier reef, safaris and hiking the Cape of Good Hope. His filmography skills came in handy, as he documented it visually. Combining them, they created their own traveling blog, sharing their experiences, and expanding her audience and her charity as well his movie adventures.

Their current moving destination was Spain. They were both excited for this intriguing, unknown adventure. It also dawned on them, that they wanted to start a family. They had already been trying for about two years now and to no success. They went from one doctor consultation to the next, all around the world, and they all came to the conclusion of it wasn’t medically possible for them to have kids. It was devastating. They really wanted to start a family. Adopting a dog was out of the question because of their constant traveling, they would get one as soon as they settled down in one place.

Adventure, wanderlust and living like a nomad was fun and enjoyable for a time but now it was time to be serious and start a family. they didn’t let the news drag them down, they kept trying regardless of what doctors said because, miracles do happen.

Their move to Madrid was successful. They found an apartment with an extra room for guests, a living room, a cute little kitchen and balconies. It was perfect. Not to mention the stunning view they had from their apartment. It was right in the middle of the city.

They would wake up to catch the sunrise and start their day.

He was about to start working on a big film, he had wrote it and wanted to produce it and thought Spain would be the perfect spot.

As they were settling in, buying furniture and decorating their little apartment, they came across a painting called, Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez and they just knew they wanted to have it, temporarily while they were there.

It spoke to them somehow. Her Spanish speaking skills came in handy and she managed to make a deal with the museum to keep it at their home, somewhere safe for about a week.

It was delivered to their place a few days later. They were both overjoyed by it. They equipped themselves with every safety precaution to owning such a precious and wanted piece of art.

Little did they know, a week was more than enough time to keep it with them.

There was a secret behind it; the princess in the center of the piece comes to life, granting a miracle to the temporary owners of the painting; specifically married couples that are having trouble having a child.

The princess Margaret Theresa of Spain, the daughter of King Philip VI, appears to them unexpectedly and as real as can be.

The magic behind why she does this and how is still a mystery. Yet you can’t deny the miracle she grants to these couples, providing them with hope, love and so much happiness.

Little did they know, Hope and Xavier were another couple that will experience this magical miracle that is Princess Margarita of Las Meninas. They will soon be expecting a child, and start their own little family. A little bit of magic can go a long way, they just didn’t know yet.

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