AMMAN – On September 1st, the Hindiyeh Art Museum embraced generational differences in art by bringing together emerging, mid-career and established women artists in a five-day symposium titled Women Artists Together.

The symposium catalyzed inclusion and creativity in artistic practices by offering the artists a collaborative space to produce works whilst getting inspired by the stunning view of the mountains of Al-Salt.

From the opening reception of Women Artists Together at Hindiyeh Art Museum.

Participating artists included Ensaf Al Rabadi, Nemat Al Nasser, Hind Nasser, Khuzameh Abu Joudeh, Dana Abu Khalil, Dana Al Rousan, Ruba Abu Shousheh, Zaina El Said, Faten Al Dawoud, Lojain Nahhas, Sama Shahrouri, Nadia Makdah, Marwa Al Najjar, Baraa Al Najdawi, Waaed Qwayder and Aya Abu Ghazaleh.

The presence of young artists in the symposium facilitated a real artistic and intellectual exchange between the demographic spectrum of participants.

Ayah Abu Ghazaleh, one of the emerging local artists, reflected on her participation in the symposium as a stepping-stone for something new in her artistic journey. 

This is just the beginning for me. Working in a joint setting with a range of artists made me witness their thinking process, and benefited me through gaining constructive criticism that I used to build upon my work during this week. 
From the opening reception of Women Artists Together at Hindiyeh Art Museum.

Sculptor Lojain Nahhas was impressed by the support that she has received from artists while producing her sculpture, stating that ‘creative problem solving’ made her overcome time and technical constraints. Nahhas pointed out to the fact that since the symposium focused mainly on women artists, they were able to build strong bonds together: 

We got the chance to openly share our experiences and thoughts on the challenges facing women artists. For instance, what does it mean to be a woman artist today compared to a few years ago? How does the role of a woman shift between being a mother and an artist?

Artist and professor Ensaf Al Rabadi told artmejo that she was particularly fascinated by the specificity of it being a symposium that focused on women artists from different stages in their career paths. Al Rabadi communicated that she was impressed by the audacity of young artists in experimenting with color and form, and felt inspired by the fresh visions and talents of artists.  

Artist and educator Nemat Al Nasser felt rejuvenated by her participation alongside artists who carried new ideas and talents and by the overall peaceful atmosphere that surrounded them.

Panel consisting of artist Faten Al Dawoud, Barbara Rowell and Tamam Al Akhal (left to right).

The symposium also hosted a talk on the role of women in the Jordanian art scene. The panel consisted of artist and symposium participant Faten Al Dawoud, Jacaranda Images director Barbara Rowell and renowned Palestinian artist Tamam Al Akhal.

In the end, the result of the artists’ effort and creative talent was showcased to the public in an exhibition at the Hindiyeh Museum. The exhibition opening reception was followed with an awards ceremony at the Jalaad Culture Center theatre. 

From the opening reception of Women Artists Together at Hindiyeh Art Museum.

One of the attendees, artist and professor Khaldoun HIjazeen, communicated to artmejo that he saw the symposium as a call for dialogue between generations that allowed for an interchange of ideas between artists. 

Overall, the symposium demonstrated that encouraging multigenerational collaborations between artists is a vital element in promoting local talent and inspiring artists at any level in their artistic careers. At last, what truly united the artists was their different ways of expressing themselves through art. 

What we all share in common is enthusiasm for art and the way that constructive events and imagination have become part of our thinking process and emotions that we express through art. -Artist Dana Al Rousan

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Image courtesy of the Hindiyeh Art Museum.